Cao Chengbo
Paper Publications
Lv Rong-hui, ZhangChun-lian, Cao Cheng-bo*, Zou Yu-ping, Song Guo-dong, Zhangchang-qiao. Studies on properties and structure characterization of new typecollagen scaffold materials. The 7th Asian International Conference of LeatherScience and Association, Chengdu,China Leather Sociation. 2006,10: 1092-1098. (ISTP收录)
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Pre One:曹成波*, 韩红滨, 王德义, 张长桥, 朱艳丽.季铵盐类荧光增白剂的合成及性能[J]. 化工学报. 2006,57(12): 3010-3015. (EI收录)

Next One:曹成波*, 吕荣晖, 张春莲, 邹玉萍, 宋国栋, 张长桥.新型胶原支架材料的结构特征与性能[J]. 北京科技大学学报. 2007, 29(2): 193-197.(EI收录)

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