Cao Chengbo
Paper Publications
Xiaoqiang Dong, Dejun Sun,Guopeng Liu, Chengbo Cao*, Xiren Jiang. Effect of liquidparaffin on the stability of aqueous foam in the presence and absence ofelectrolytes[J].the Colloid and Polymer Science(二区IF=2.443),2010,288(12):1271–1280
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Pre One:Xiaoqiang Dong, Dejun Sun,Guopeng Liu, Chengbo Cao*, Xiren Jiang.Aqueous foam stabilizedby hydrophobically modified cellulose and alkyl polyoxyethyl sulfate complex inthe presence and absence of electrolytes. Colloids and Surfaces A:Physicochemical and Engineering Aspect(SCI, EI收录)., 2009,345(1-3): 58–64

Next One:李文波,胡顺鹏,曹成波*等.高性能胶原真皮支架的特征.全国生物材料大会, 2010.03

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