Cao Chengbo
Paper Publications
Guo, Jing; Chen, Hui; Wang,Ying; Cao, Cheng-Bo, Guan, Guo-Qiang.A novel porcine acellulardermal matrix scaffold used in periodontal regenerationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORALSCIENCE(二区IF= 2.719), 5(1), pp 37-43, 2013/3
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Pre One:Guo, Jing; Wang, Ying; Cao,Chengbo; Dziak, Rosemary; Preston, Brian; *Guan, Guoqiang Human periodontal ligamentcells reaction on a novel hydroxyapatitecollagen scaffold DENTAL TRAUMATOLOGY(SCI), 29(2), pp103-109, 2013/4.

Next One:Maosheng Wan, Chengbo Cao*,Haiyang sun, Mingyang Wang and Wenqing Ma. Preparation of stilbene-eighteenalkyl quaternary ammonium salts as fluorescent brightening materials andsurfactants[J].Advanced Materials Research Vols. 690-693 (2013) pp 615-618

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