Cao Chengbo
Paper Publications
Huang Li,Huang Jianwen,Shao Huili,Xu Xuechao,Fan Suna,Song Lujie,Cao Chengbo*,Zhang Yaopeng*. Silk scaffold with gradient pore structure and improved cell infiltration performance. Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials For Biological Applications (sci收录,二区IF=5.08)2019,94:179–189
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Pre One:邵大伟,刘亚辉,王伟菁,齐涛,曹成波*.还原焙烧钛渣盐酸浸出过程的动力学[P].过程工程学报.2016,16(4):577-583.(EI收录)

Next One:Chengbo Cao*, Yahui Liu, Dawei Shao,Weijing Wang, Lingyun Yi ,Desheng Chen, Preparation of rutile TiO2 by hydrolysis of TiOCl2 solution: experiment and theory. RSC Advances(sci收录,二区IF=2.936) 2016, 6, 59541–59549

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