山东大学公共卫生学院职业与环境健康学系研究员,硕士研究生导师,山东大学齐鲁青年学者 2022年入选“第七届中国科协青年人才托举工程”。主要从事环境及职业性有害因素(电离辐射)所致DNA损伤应答与基因组稳定性调控机制的研究,筛选、鉴定参与放射损害的新型调控因子,并阐述其在维护基因组稳定性中的作用。迄今在 PNASNucleic Acids ResDNA Repair等国际知名学术期刊发表 SCI 论文11篇。相关研究成果在EMBO Conference, Keystone Symposia, Gordon Research ConferencesisDDRHD等国际知名学术会议上汇报。

Educational Experience
  • 2016/09/01-2020/11/01
  • 2013/09/01-2016/06/30
  • 2008/09/01-2013/06/30
Work Experience
  • 2021-1 — 2021-8
     李嘉诚医学院  The University of Hong Kong 
    Post-doctoral Fellow
  • 2020-9 — 2020-12
     The University of Hong Kong 
    Senior Research Asistant
Achievements in Scientific Research
Research direction

(1) Yanling Yao. Screen identifies fasudil as a radioprotector on human fibroblasts .Toxicology Research .2022 (2022,1-11)

(2)  Valproic acid counteracts polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)-induced tumorigenic effects by regulating the polarization of macrophages Author links open overlay panel . Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety .2022 ,241 (2022)

(3) 张怡莎. Global Research Trends in Radiotherapy for Gliomas: A Systematic Bibliometric Analysis .World Neurosurgery .2022 ,161 (2022-May):355

(4) David Lim. Valproic Acid-Like Compounds Enhance and Prolong the Radiotherapy Effect on Breast Cancer by Activating and Maintaining Anti-Tumor Immune Function, Frontiers in Immunology .Frontiers in Immunology .2021 ( 646384)

(5) 刘国超. The Valproate Mediates Radio-Bidirectional Regulation Through RFWD3-Dependent Ubiquitination on Rad51 .FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY .2021 ,11

(6) 董超. A DYRK1B-dependent pathway suppresses rDNA transcription in response to DNA damage .Nucleic Acids Research .2021 ,49 (3)

(7) 彭君璇. The intervention of valproic acid on the tumorigenesis induced by an environmental carcinogen of PAHs .Toxicology Research .2020 ,9 (5):609

(8) 董超. Screen identifies DYRK1B network as mediator of transcription repression on damaged chromatin .PNAS .2020 ,117 (29)

(9) 董超. RNF169 limits 53BP1 deposition at DSBs to stimulate single-strand annealing repair .PNAS .2018 ,115 (35)

(10) 董超. p53 suppresses hyper-recombination by modulating BRCA1 function .DNA repair .2015 ,33 (33):60

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