Lin Du, professor of environmental sciences at Environment Research Institute in Shandong University. He got his PhD in 2008, at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then he worked as postdoctoral fellow at University of Leuven in Belgium. In 2010, he moved to University of Copenhagen in Denmark and worked as postdoctoral researcher until 2013. He then took an assistant professor position at University of Copenhagen. In 2014, he became a professor at Shandong University. His research interest is environmental impacts of marine aerosol, reaction mechanism of atmospheric volatile organic compounds and secondary organic aerosol, He was awarded Outstanding Young Investigator of Shandong Province in 2017. He was also selected as Emerging Investigator of RSC environmental science journals in 2018, and Outstanding Reviewer for the journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics in 2019.

Educational Experience
  • 2003/09/01-2008/07/01
    Chinese Academy of Science
    Physical Chemistry Ph.D
  • 1999/09/01-2003/07/30
    Ocean University of China
    Marine Chemistry Bachelor
Work Experience
  • 2014-7 — Now
     Shandong University, China 
  • 2013-9 — 2014-6
     University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
    Assistant Professor
  • 2010-9 — 2013-8
     University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
    Postdoctoral reseacher
  • 2008-8 — 2010-8
     University of Leuven, Belgium 
    Postdoctoral fellow
Research Situation

Media reports


1.Selected as Emerging Investigator in the environmental chemical sciences by Royal Society of Chemistry in 2018:

2. Scientific Chinese

3. The progress report of Du Group 

4. Environmental protection

Presentation and International Academic Conference

1. Exploring the surface properties of aqueous organic aerosol, ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting, August 25 - 29, 2019, San Diego, USA. (Invited)

2. The reactions between organic and inorganic pollutants on aerosol surface, 11th Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC 2019), May 27-30, 2019, Hong Kong.

3. Spectroscopic investigation of multiple reactions on the aqueous organic aerosol surface, The General Assembly 2019 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), April 7-12, 2019, Vienna, Austria.

4. The reactions between organic and inorganic pollutants on aerosol surface, International Workshop on Heterogeneous Kinetics Related to Atmospheric Aerosols, Sept. 24, 2018, Takamatsu, Japan. (Invited)

5. Aqueous-phase aerosols on the air-water interface: response of fatty acid Langmuir monolayers to atmospheric inorganic ions,14th Annual Meeting Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, August 6-11, 2017, Singapore. (Invited)

6. Intermolecular interactions in the atmospheric clusters, The13th Informal Conference on Atmospheric and Molecular Science, June13-14, 2016, Lund, Sweden. (Invited plenary lecture)

7. Gas phase infrared and near infrared spectroscopy of a medium strength hydrogen bond molecular complex at room temperature, The 22nd International Conference on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy, September 4-8, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic.

8. FTIR spectroscopy of binary complexes, Danish Chemical Society – Annual Meeting2012, June 7, 2012, Odense, Denmark.

9. Identification of amine complexes in the gas phase, The Tenth Informal Conference on Atmospheric and Molecular Science, June 9-10, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Achievements in Scientific Research

(1) 李建龙. Photosensitized formation of sulfate and volatile sulfur gases from dissolved organic sulfur: Roles of pH, dissolved oxygen, and salinity .Science of The Total Environment .2021 (2021)

(2) 李建龙. Effect of Nitrate on the Photochemical Production of Carbonyl Sulfide From Surface Seawater .Geophysical Research Letters .2022 (2022)

(3) 朱建强. Exploring the formation potential and optical properties of secondary organic aerosol from the photooxidation of selected short aliphatic ethers .Journal of Environmental Sciences (China) .2020 ,95 :82

(4)  Zhaomin Yang, Lin Du*, Yongjie Li, Xinlei Ge. Nitrogen-Containing Compounds Enhance Light Absorption of Aromatic-Derived Brown Carbon. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2022, 56, 4005-4016. (封面)

(5)  Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*, Ling Liu, Xiuhui Zhang. Pyruvic Acid, an Efficient Catalyst in SO3 Hydrolysis and Effective Clustering Agent in Sulfuric-Acid-Based New Particle Formation. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2022, 22, 1951-1963.

(6)  Li Xu, Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*. Relative Humidity Changes the Role of SO2 in Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 7365-7372.(Supplementary Cover)

(7)  Li Xu, Zhaomin Yang, Narcisse T. Tsona, Xinke Wang, Christian George, Lin Du*. Anthropogenic-biogenic interactions at night: enhanced formation of secondary aerosols, particulate nitrogen- and sulfur-containing organics from β-pinene oxidation. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2021, 55, 7794-7807. (Front cover)

(8)  Jianlong Li, Xing Zhai, Lin Du*. Photosensitized formation of sulfate and volatile sulfur gases from dissolved organic sulfur: Roles of pH, dissolved oxygen, and salinity. Sci. Total Environ., 2021, 786, 147449.

(9)  Shuyan Wang, Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*. Effect of NOx on secondary organic aerosol formation from the photochemical transformation of allyl acetate. Atmos. Environ., 2021, 255, 118426.

(10)  Zhaomin Yang, Li Xu, Narcisse T. Tsona, Jianlong Li, Xin Luo, Lin Du*. SO2 and NH3 emissions enhance organosulfur compounds and fine particle formation from the photooxidation of a typical aromatic hydrocarbon. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2021, 21, 7963-7981.

(11)  Minglan Xu, Narcisse T. Tsona, Shumin Cheng, Jianlong Li, Lin Du*. Unraveling interfacial properties of organic-coated marine aerosol with lipase incorporation. Sci. Total Environ., 2021, 782, 146893.

(12)  Li Xu, Lin Du*, Narcisse T. Tsona, Maofa Ge. Anthropogenic Effects on Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation. Adv. Atmos. Sci., 2021, 38, 1053-1084.

(13)  Shumin Cheng, Lin Du*, Xiuhui Zhang, Maofa Ge. Application of Langmuir Monolayers in the Investigation of Surface Properties of Sea Spray Aerosols. Progress in Chemistry, 2021, in press.

(14)  Xiaotong Jiang, Chen Lv, Bo You, Zhiyi Liu, Xinfeng Wang, Lin Du*. Joint impacts of atmospheric SO2 and NH3 on the formation of nanoparticles from photooxidation of a typical biomass burning compound. Environ. Sci.: Nano, 2020, 7, 2532-2545. (Front Inside Cover)

(15)  Shumin Cheng, Lin Du*, Christian George. Understanding the Interfacial Behavior of Typical Perfluorocarboxylic Acids at Surfactant-Coated Aqueous Interfaces. J. Geophys. Res.: Atmospheres, 2020, 125, e2019JD032182. (Front Cover)

(16)  Fenghua Li, Shanshan Tang, Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*. Kinetics and mechanism of OH-induced α-terpineol oxidation in the atmospheric aqueous phase. Atmos. Environ., 2020, 237, 117650.

(17)  Shanshan Tang, Fenghua Li, Narcisse T. Tsona, Chunying Lu, Xinfeng Wang, Lin Du*. Aqueous-Phase Photooxidation of Vanillic Acid: A Potential Source of Humic-Like Substances (HULIS). ACS Earth Space Chem., 2020, 4, 862-872. (Supplementary Cover)

(18)  Chen Lv, Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*. Sea spray aerosol formation: results on the role of different parameters and organic concentrations from bubble bursting experiments. Chemosphere, 2020, 252, 126456.

(19)  Bo You, Siyang Li, Narcisse T. Tsona, Jianlong Li, Li Xu, Zhaomin Yang, Shumin Cheng, Qingcai Chen, Christian George, Maofa Ge, Lin Du*. Environmental Processing of Short-Chain Fatty Alcohols Induced by Photosensitized Chemistry of Brown Carbons. ACS Earth Space Chem., 2020, 4, 631-640.

(20)  Xiaotong Jiang, Narcisse T. Tsona, Long Jia, Shijie Liu, Hailiang Zhang, Yongfu Xu, Lin Du*. Secondary organic aerosol formation from photooxidation of furan: effects of NOx and humidity. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2019, 19, 13591-13609.

(21)  Siyang Li, Xiaotong Jiang, Marie Roveretto, Christian George, Ling Liu, Wei Jiang, Qingzhu Zhang, Wenxing Wang, Maofa Ge, Lin Du*. Photochemical aging of atmospherically reactive organic compounds involving brown carbon at the air–aqueous interface. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2019, 19, 9887-9902.

(22)  Shumin Cheng, Siyang Li, Narcisse T. Tsona, Christian George, Lin Du*. Insights into the head-group and chain-length dependence of surface characteristics of organic-coated sea spray aerosols. ACS Earth Space Chem., 2019, 3, 571-580.

(23)  Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du*. A potential source of atmospheric sulfate from O2--induced SO2 oxidation by ozone. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2019, 19, 649-661.

Research Projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Effects of marine bioactive substances on the physical and chemical properties of marine aerosol, 640,000 RMB.

2. Seed Fund for International Scientific Research of Shandong University, International Joint Research Center for Marine Aerosols of Shandong University, 2020.01-2024.12, 1,500,000RMB.

3. Youth Fundation for Cross-Science Innovation group of Shandong University, Interfacial chemical reaction mechanism of environmental ultrafine particles, 2020.01-2023.12, 7000, 000 RMB.

4. Youth Innovation and Technology Plan of Universities in Shandong Province, Innovative team on the principle and control technology of atmospheric VOCs pollution, 2019.12-2022.11, 200, 000RMB.

5. The Exchange Program of Outstanding Young Scientific Researchers Between China and French, the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2019, 80, 000RMB.

6. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Laboratory study of the atmospheric transformation processes of sea spray aerosol, 660,000 RMB.

7. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Surface reaction of secondary organic aerosol and its influences on haze formation, 2,200,000 RMB.

8. Shandong Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Atmospheric reactions of volatile organic compounds, 600,000 RMB.

9. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Experimental identification and theoretical study of reactive halogen radical complexes, 800,000 RMB.

10. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Study of important physicochemical properties of atmospheric molecular complexes, 280,000 RMB.

11. Key Research and Development Plan of Shandong Province, Research on the control technology of volatile odorous organic pollutants, 2018.01-2019.12,150, 000RMB.

12. Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China, Study of atmospheric nucleation process of hydrazine fuels and their oxidized derivatives, 120,000 RMB.

13. Fundamental Research Fund in Shenzhen, VOCs pollution control technique on the basis of atmospheric self-cleaning mechanism, 100,000 RMB.

14. Talents in the Western Economic Uplift Belt of Shandong Province and the Key Areas of Poverty Alleviation and Development, "Nature" air purification technology, 2017.10-2018.09, 750, 000RMB.

15. Leading Talents in Yuandu, Weifang, Innovation in strategic emerging industries, 2018.01-2020.12, 1, 000, 000RMB.

16. Open Research of Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, Mechanism of interfacial photooxidation of organic aerosols, 2018.09-2020.08, 60, 000RMB.

Student Information
  • Narcisse Tsona (Associate professor, 2020-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Li Jianlong (Post-doctor, 2019-)  2021/07/22 Hits:[] Times
  • Yang Zhaomin (Ph.D student, 2018-)  2020/07/21 Hits:[] Times
  • Wang Ruixue (Ph.D student, 2018-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Xu Minglan (Ph.D student, 2019-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Song Yaru (Master student, 2020-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Zhang Shan (Master student, 2020-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • 吕霄凡(硕士生,2021-)  2022/06/23 Hits:[] Times
  • 陈晓文(硕士生,2021-)  2022/06/23 Hits:[] Times
  • 胡杰(硕士生,2021-)  2022/06/23 Hits:[] Times
  • Narcisse Tsona (Post-doctor, 2017-2020 )  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • 李建龙 (博士后,2019-2022,毕业去向:山东大学副研究员)  2022/06/23 Hits:[] Times
  • Zhao Hailiang (Post-docotor, 2015-2017)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Liu Shijie (Ph.D student, 2015-2019)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Li Siyang (Ph.D student, 2014-2019)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Wang Shuyan (Ph.D student, 2016-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Jiang Xiaotong (Ph.D student, 2015-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Lv Chen (Ph.D student, 2015-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Tang Shanshan (Ph.D student, 2015-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Cheng Shumin (Ph.D student, 2016-2021)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Xu Li (Ph.D student, 2017-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Zhang Qun ( Master student, 2014-2017 )  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Li Junyao (Master student, 2016-2019)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Zhu Jianqiang (Master student, 2016-2019)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • You Bo (Master student, 2017-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Yang Ning (Master student, 2017-2020)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Li Fenghua (Master student, 2018-2021)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Zhan Yanan (Master student, 2019-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Liu Lingrui (Master student, 2019-)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Chang Jiamin (Bachelor student, 2014-2015)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
  • Xu Kun (Bachelor student, 2014-2015)  2021/08/07 Hits:[] Times
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