Guo Wu


Postgraduate (Doctoral)

香港中文大学(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Personal Information:

Date of Employment:2020-11-01
Business Address:山东大学(中心校区)知新楼A座1718室






Born in 1966, Guo Wu graduated from the Department of Philosophy/Religious Studies of Peking University in 1988 (BA), from the Institute for Studies on Daoism and Religious Culture of Sichuan University in 1991 (MA), from the Department of Religious Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002 (Ph.D.). He was a fomer professor and Ph.D. supervisor of the Institute for Studies on Daoism and Religious Culture of Sichuan University (2004-2015), and the Department of History of Yunnan University (2015-2020). Meanwhile, he was the academic leader of the "National 985 Project" named "Innovation Base for Researching on Religions and Societies" established at Sichuan University (2004-2015), a visiting scholar of the Harvard-Yenching Institute (2007-2008), and the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion of the University of Chicago (2008), a senior research fellow of the China Center of the University of Oxford (2010; 2013). His current position is a distinguished professor of the Department of Religious Studies of Shandong University, and is the Ph.D. supervisor of the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies, the executive director of the Jao Tsung-I Institute for Studies on Religions and Chinese Culture. His main additional posts are as follows:

•The Vice-Chairman of the Association for Research on Laozi and Daoist Culture(National-level);

•The Vice-Chairman of the Association for Research on Inner Cultivating and Nourishing of Life(National second level);

•A Discipline Committee Member (Religious Studies) of the Chinese Expert Committee on Evaluating of Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences;

•An Academic Committee Member of the journal STUDIES ON RELIGIONS published in Sichuan

•The Chief Editor of the journal HONGDAO published in Hong Kong.


His research interests are Daoist Ideologies and the History of Daoism, with some representative publications as folllows:

Studies on the JINGMING ZHONGXIAO QUANSHU: A Survey in the Background of Song and Yuan Societies (Monograph,《〈净明忠孝全书〉研究——以宋元社会为背景的考察》, 中国社会科学出版社,2005);

Daoism and the Culture of Yunnan: the Spread, Development and Influence of Daoism in Yunnan (Monograph,《道教与云南文化——道教在云南的传播、演变及影响》, 云南大学出版社/云南人民出版社,2000/2011);

Studies on Qiu Chuji (Monograph,《丘处机学案》, 齐鲁书社,2011);

Studies on Wang Chongyang (Monograph,《王重阳学案》, 齐鲁书社,2016);

Chen Yinning in the “Series Books of Modern Chinese Ideologists” (Compilation, 《中国近代思想家文库·陈撄宁卷》, 中国人民大学出版社,2015);

Theses of the International Conference on “Daoist Doctrines and Modern Societies” (Compilation, 《道教教义与现代社会国际学术研讨会论文集》,上海古籍出版社, 2003).


Some important works of him as co-authors are as follows:

•The Great Dictionary of Daoism (edited by the Chinese Daoist Association, 《道教大辞典》,华夏出版社,1994);

Chinese Daoist Canon (edited by Zhang Jiyu, 《中华道藏》, 华夏出版社,2004);

History of Chinese Daoist Ideology (edited by Qing Xitai, 《中国道教思想史》, 人民出版社,2009);

Introduction to the Daoist Canon (edited by Zhu Yueli, 《道藏说略》, 燕山出版社,2009);

Companion to The Essentials of the Daoist Canon (edited by Lai Chi Tim,《道藏辑要提要》,香港中文大学出版社,2021).

1998.9  to  2002.8
香港中文大学(The Chinese University of Hong Kong) | 道教研究 | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study | Doctor | 香港中文大学宗教研究系(Department of Religious Studies,The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
1988.9  to  1991.8
四川大学(Sichuan University) | 道教思想史 | With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates | Master | 四川大学道教与宗教文化研究所(Institute for Studies on Daoism and Religious Culture, Sichuan University)
1984.9  to  1988.8
北京大学(Peking University) | 宗教学 | Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) | Bachelor | 北京大学哲学系/宗教学系(Department of Philosophy/Religions, Peking University)

2020.11  to  Now
 哲学与社会发展学院宗教学系,犹太教与跨宗教研究中心,饶宗颐宗教与中国文化研究所(Department of Religious Studies, School of Philosophy and Social Development;Center For Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies;Jao Tsung-I Institute for Studies on Religions and Chinese Culture) | 山东大学(Shandong University)  | 执行所长(Executive Director of Jao Tsung-I Institute) 
2015.9  to  2020.10
 人文学院/历史与档案学院(School of Humanities/ School of History and Archives) | 云南大学(Yunnan University)  | 无 
2004.9  to  2015.8
 道教与宗教文化研究所(Institute for Studies on Daoism and Religious Culture) | 四川大学(Sichuan University)  | 无 
1996.9  to  2004.8
 历史系(Department of History) | 云南大学(Yunnan University)  | 无 
1991.9  to  1996.8
 宗教研究所(Institute for Studies on Religions) | 云南省社会科学院(Academy of Social Sciences in Yunnan Province)  | 无 

2019.10  to  Now
全国性一级学会“老子道学文化研究会”副会长(The Vice Chairman of the Association for Research on Laozi and Daoist Culture)
2016.10  to  Now
全国性二级学会“丹道与养生文化研究会”副会长(The Vice Chairman of the Association for Research on Inner Cultivating and Nourishing of Life)
2018.10  to  Now
中国人文社会科学期刊评价专家委员会“宗教学”学科委员(A Discipline Committee Member of the Chinese Expert Committee on Evaluating of Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences)
2004.8  to  Now
香港《弘道》季刊主编(The Chief Editor of the journal HONGDAO published in Hong Kong)
2005.10  to  Now
《宗教学研究》(CSSCI)学术委员(An Academic Committee Member of the journal STUDIES ON RELIGIONS published in Sichuan)
2022.1  to  Now
An International Academic Advisor of the JOURNAL OF HAN CHIANG (e-Journal) published in Malaysia
2022.8  to  Now
The Guest Editor of the journal RELIGIONS (A&HCI) published in Switzerland