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An Integrated Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensor Using a 638 nm Semiconductor Laser for Air-Water Surface Velocity Measurements

  • 发表刊物: sensors
  • 关键字: velocity measurement; laser interference; fiber optic sensor; sensor systems and applications
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  • 发表时间: 2023-02-01
摘要: An integrated interferometric fiber optic velocimetry sensor has been proposed and demonstrated at the central wavelength of 638 nm. The sensor is based on the principle of two laser-beams’
interference. The light signal scattered from the particles or vapor is demodulated to measure the
water surface velocity and water vapor velocity. Three velocity measurement experiments are carried
out to measure the velocity, and the experimental data shows that the velocity increases linearly in
the range of 4 mm·s 1
to 100 mm·s 1
, with a slope of linear fitting curve of 0.99777 and the R-Square
of 1.00000. The velocity calculated from frequency shift fits well with the reference velocity. The
maximum average relative error in the three velocity measurements is less than 2.5%. In addition,
the maximum speed of 4.398 m·s 1
is confirmed in the rotating disk calibration experiment, which
expands the sensor’s velocity measurement range. To solve the problem that it is difficult to directly
measure the velocity of small-scale water surface flow velocity, especially from the aspect of the low
velocity of air-water surface, the interferometric fiber optic sensor can be applied to the measurement
of water surface velocity and wind velocity on the water surface.