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Nitrate Measurement in Seawater with a Turbidity Correction Algorithm based on Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry

  • 发表刊物: AOPR
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  • 发表时间: 2023-05-01
摘要: Turbidity usually has a great impact on the actual measurement of the value of nitrateconcentrations in the seawater, In this study, a new turbidity correction approach for nitrateconcentrations measurement in the seawater based on ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy ispresented. Experiments were carried out to prove the improvement of the turbidity correctionmethod with ultraviolet spectroscopy. The orthogonal projections to latent structures (O-PLS)algorithm was chosen to correct the additional information in absorbance caused by turbidityThe experimental results show that the influence of turbidity could be excellently removedCompared with the standard normalized variate (SNV) transformation, the O-PLS algorithmcould better reduce the influence of turbidity on the nitrate absorbance and improve themeasurement accuracy in turbid seawater. The linear correlation coefficient (R-) of the predictionresults in test samples is 0.9999 and RMSEP is 0.1 886 umol/L.