Xing Y.N, Li, H., Huang, L.B., Wu, H.H., Shen, H.Q., Chen, Z.M.* The production of formaldehyde and hydroxyacetone in methacrolein photooxidation: New insights into mechanism and effects of water vapor. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 66, 1–11, 2018
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上一条:Wu H.B., Huang, L.B., Rose A., Grassian V.H.* Impact of surface adsorbed biologically and environmentally relevant coatings on TiO2 nanoparticle reactivity. Environmental Science: Nano, 7, 3783−3793, 2020

下一条:Wu, H.H., Wang, Y., Li, H., Huang, L.B., Huang, D., Shen, H.Q., Xing, Y.N., Chen, Z.M.* The OH-initiated oxidation of atmospheric peroxyacetic acid: a study of experiment and model. Atmospheric Environment, 164, 61–70, 2017

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