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Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Alma Mater:厦门大学


Shaoan Huang, born in Dongkou County, Hunan Province in 1962. He is a Cheung Kong Scholar sponsored by Ministry of Education and a well-known economist in China, Chair Professor of Shandong University. Professor Huang is currently the Dean of the Center for Economic Research of Shandong University, he is also an expert of Academic Degree Committee (Group of Theoretical Economics) of the State Council and a reviewer of the National Social Science Fund of China. Prof. Huang is the founder of Institute of Property Rights and Center for Economic Research of Shandong University, and the founder of the journal of Research in Institutional Economics. He is also one of the important organizers and leaders in the research on property rights theory, institutional economics, language economics, law and economics in China.Prof. Huang graduated from Shaoyang College in 1982 and obtained PhD degree in economics from Xiamen University in 1994. Since then, he has been working at Shandong University. He was promoted from Lecturer to Professor in 1994 due to outstanding academic achievements. He was selected as the talents project (first and second level) of the Ministry of Personnel in 1999, and he was selected as an excellent cross-century talent supported by Ministry of Education in 2000. He received the National Excellent Young Teacher Award in 2001, and he was selected as Cheung Kong Scholar sponsored by Ministry of Education in 2006.Prof. Huang’s research interest focus on property rights theory, firm theory, institutional economics and rural economy. He has published Introduction of Property Rights Economics, Language Economics and other monographs, and has published a series of important papers on top journals in China such as Social Sciences in China and Economic Research Journal. He is the winner of Sun Yefang Prize in Economics and received many national awards including the First China Rural Development Research Award.

  • 1979.9 -- 1982.7
    邵阳学院 , 政治教育 , With Certificate of Graduation for Associate College Study
  • 1984.2 -- 1985.12
    中共湖南省委党校理论部经济学本科课程学习 , Economics  , 无 , University graduated
  • 1988.9 -- 1990.7
    中共湖南省委党校理论部经济学硕士课程学习 , Economics  , 无 , With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates
  • 1991.9 -- 1994.6
    厦门大学 , 经济学  , Doctor , With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Professional Experience
  • 1982.7 -- 1984.2
    湖南邵阳茶铺农场子弟中学 , 团委书记 , 教师
  • 1986.1 -- 1990.7
    湖南邵阳市委党校经济学部 , 讲师
  • 1990.7 -- 1991.8
    湖南大学经济研究所 , 讲师
  • 1994.7 -- 1994.11
    山东大学经济学院 , 讲师
  • 1994.12 -- 1998.10
    山东大学经济学院 , 教授
  • 1998.10 -- 2000.5
    山东大学经济学院 , 院长 , 教授
  • 2000.5 -- Now
    山东大学经济研究院 , 院长 , 教授
  • 2011.6 -- Now
    山东发展研究院 , 常务副院长 , 教授
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