• Personal Information:

    Title: Professor

    Gender: Female

    Degree: Doctoral Degree in Science

    Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

    Alma Mater: Shandong University

    Business Address: 知新楼B座


Social Affiliations

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  • 2001.9-2004.6

     Shandong University |  Applied Mathematics |  Doctoral Degree in Science |  Doctor 

  • 1993.9-1997.7

     Shandong University |  Operations research |  Master's Degree in Science |  Master's Degree 

  • 1982.9-1986.7

     Shandong University |  Mathematics |  Bachelor's Degree in Science |  Bachlor 

Professional Experience

  • 2005.7-Now

     School of Mathematics | Shandong University | Professor | 在职 

  • 1998.7-2005.7

     School of Mathematics | Shandong University | Associate Professor 

  • 1991.7-1998.7

     School of Mathematics | Shandong University | Lecturer 

Fractional calculus team:Based on the fractional calculus theory, numerical calculation theory and machine learning, fractional calculus team established mathematical models of complex media, developed new numerical algorithms and theories based on fractional operators, and applied them to fluid mechanics, quantum mechanics, etc. In recent years, the team has systematically established the theoretical framework of fractional calculus and studied the mechanical mechanism of anomalous phenomena in mass transport, energy diffusion and momentum transfer. A series of innovative achievements have been made in the field of complex medium fractional equation modeling, analytical and numerical calculation, parameter identification and so on. The achievement was awarded one second prize of Natural Science of Shandong Province.