My research interests are atmospheric physical and chemical processes influenced by human activities. The main research topics are: 1) secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation from anthropogenic emissions, including single (e.g., aromatics, alkanes) and complex (e.g., biomass burning, petrochemical sources) precursors; 2) characterizing SOA (bulk and molecular-level) chemical composition and optical properties; 3) field measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) regarding their emission, transformation, and the impacts of human activities.

I have published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Environ. Sci. Technol., Atmos. Chem. Phys., Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett., etc. These papers have been cited more than 600 times (Google Scholar).

I am hiring Master's students, PhD students, and PostDocs. If you are interested, please feel free to reach me via:

Selected publication:

1. Li, K.; Wentzell, J.; Liu, Q.; Leithead, A.; Moussa, S. G.; Wheeler, M.; Han, C.; Lee, P.; Li, S.-M.; Liggio, J., Evolution of atmospheric total organic carbon from petrochemical mixtures. Environmental Science & Technology, 2021, 55, 12841-12851. (IF = 11.36)

2. Liu, Q.; Li, L.; Zhang, X.; Saini, A.; Li, W.; Hung, H.; Hao, C.; Li, K.; Lee, P.; Wentzell, J.; Huo, C.; Li, S.-M.; Harner, T.; Liggio, J., Uncovering global-scale risks from commercial chemicals in air. Nature, 2021, 600, 456-461. (IF = 69.50)

3. Li, J.; Li, H.; Li, K.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Z.; Liu, Y.; Wang, X.; Wang, W.; Ge, M., Enhanced secondary organic aerosol formation from the photo-oxidation of mixed anthropogenic volatile organic compounds. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2021, 21, 7773-7789. (IF = 7.20)

4. Li, K.; Liggio, J.; Han, C.; Liu, Q.; Moussa, S. G.; Lee, P.; Li, S.-M., Understanding the impact of high-NOx conditions on the formation of secondary organic aerosol in the photooxidation of oil sands-related precursors. Environmental Science & Technology, 2019, 53, 14420-14429. (IF = 11.36)

5. Li, K.; Liggio, J.; Lee, P.; Han, C.; Liu, Q.; Li, S.-M., Secondary organic aerosol formation from α-pinene, alkanes and oil-sands-related precursors in a new oxidation flow reactor. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2019, 19, 9715-9731. (IF = 7.20)

6. Li, K.; Li, J.; Tong, S.; Wang, W.; Huang, R.-J.; Ge, M., Characteristics of wintertime VOCs in suburban and urban Beijing: concentrations, emission ratios, and festival effects. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2019, 19, 8021-8036. (IF = 7.20)

7. Li, K.; Li, J.; Wang, W.; Li, J.; Peng, C.; Wang, D.; Ge, M., Effects of gas-particle partitioning on refractive index and chemical composition of m-xylene secondary organic aerosol. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2018, 122, 3250-3260. (IF = 2.94)

8. Li, K.; Li, J.; Wang, W.; Tong, S.; Liggio, J.; Ge, M., Evaluating the effectiveness of joint emission control policies on the reduction of ambient VOCs: implications from observation during the 2014 APEC summit in suburban Beijing. Atmospheric Environment, 2017, 164, 117-127. (IF = 5.76)

9. Li, J.; Li, K.; Wang, W.; Wang, J.; Peng, C.; Ge, M., Optical properties of secondary organic aerosols derived from long-chain alkanes under various NOx and seed conditions. Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 579, 1699-1705. (IF = 10.75)

10. Li, K.; Li, J.; Liggio, J.; Wang, W.; Ge, M.; Liu, Q.; Guo, Y.; Tong, S.; Li, J.; Peng, C.; Jing, B.; Wang, D.; Fu, P., Enhanced light scattering of secondary organic aerosols by multiphase reactions. Environmental Science & Technology, 2017, 51, 1285-1292. (IF = 11.36)

Educational Experience
  • 2011/09/01-2016/07/03
    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Physical Chemistry, PhD
  • 2007/09/17-2011/06/20
    Beijing Institute of Technology
    Chemistry, BSc
Work Experience
  • 2022-4 — Now
     Professor, Shandong University 
  • 2020-1 — 2022-4
     Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute 
  • 2016-10 — 2019-10
     NSERC Visiting Fellow, Environment and Climate Change Canada 
Achievements in Scientific Research
Research direction
Student Information
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