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Dexiang Liu

Associate Professor
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Alma Mater:Shandong University
Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
School/Department:Shandong University
Date of Employment:2003-07-16
Administrative Position:Vice director of department
Discipline:Medical Psychology
Business Address:Room 303, Teaching Building #5, Baotuquan Campus
Contact Information:0531-88382039

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Dexiang Liu , male, 1973, Ph.D., associate professor, postgraduate supervisor, deputy director of Department of medical psychology and ethics, and leader of medical psychology course group.

Teaching experience:

I am Mainly engaged in teaching, scientific research and clinical psychological consultation of medical psychology. Teaching objects include graduate students, undergraduate students, international students, correspondence students and other multi-level, different professional students. The main courses are medical psychology, interesting psychology, modern behavioral medicine and so on. In the teaching work I has accumulated rich teaching experience. At the same time, I actively devoted myself to teaching reform and participated in the application and construction of bilingual courses, quality courses and MOOCS of medical psychology. I have edited and participated in the compilation of national planning textbooks, medical psychology, psychosomatic medicine and other textbooks.

Research experience:

In recent years, I have mainly carried out scientific research on the pathogenesis of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and the pharmacological mechanism of antidepressants, and published more than 20 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author. I have presided over one national key research and development project, one National Postdoctoral fund, two Shandong natural science funds, two Shandong University projects, and participated in a number of national, provincial and university level projects.

Social services:

I have been engaged in psychological counseling for 20 years and participated in the early training of psychological counselors, and received training in psychoanalysis, cognitive behavior therapy, humanistic therapy, hypnosis, mindfulness stress reduction program, etc. I am Mainly good at children and adolescents psychological and behavioral problems, parent-child education, marriage and family relationship improvement, anxiety, depression and other aspects of neurosis counseling.

  • OfficePhone : 0531-88382039

  • Email : liudexiang@sdu.edu.cn