Tianbo Liu
Personal Information:
  • Name (English):
    Tianbo Liu
  • Name (Pinyin):
    Liu Tian Bo
  • Date of Employment:
  • School/Department:
  • Education Level:
    With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
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  • Contact Information:
    liutb _at_ sdu.edu.cn
  • Degree:
    Doctoral Degree in Science
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  • Alma Mater:
  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Theoretical Physics;
Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics;

Tianbo Liu is a distinguished young professor in Shandong University. The research interests are strong interactions and hadron structures.

Representatitve works in recent years include: The enhancement of the next-to-leading power contribution to semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering process due to the mechanism of hadronization based on the perturbative QCD factorization; The hybrid factorization approach to treat electromagnetic radiation effects in medium and high energy lepton-hadron scatterings; The calculation of parton distribution functions in holographic light-front QCD, which is developed based on the light-front dynamics and the gauge/gravity duality, building a connection between nucleon and meson distribution functions and a connection between polarized and unpolarized distribution functions; Finite quark mass correction in holographic light-front QCD and its application in nucleon intrinsic sea distributions; Development of data-driven Monto Carlo event generator based on deep learning algorithms in collaboration with computing science team.

Gary McCartor Award in 2019 by the international light cone advisory committee.

Convenor of the three-dimensional nucleon structure for the EicC project.

Click here for publication list from inspire-hep.

We have 1-2 opennings for graduate students.

We also have openning for postdoc positions in the study of hadron structures. Applications are welcome.

Educational Experience
  • 2006-9 — 2010-7
    Peking University
    Bachelor's Degree in Science
  • 2010-9 — 2015-7
    Peking University
    Theoretical Physics
    Doctoral Degree in Science
Research Field

Strong interactions and hadron structures

Achievements in Research
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