Computational Organic Chemistry

  • We use computational chemistry to solve outstanding problems in synthetic organic chemistry.

  • We develop effective computational models based on intermolecular forces to understand and predict reactivity and selectivity.

  • We are interested in the functionalizations of simple starting materials, such as C–H, C–C, CO2, alkenes and alkynes.


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China                  2024–2027

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China                  2020–2023

  • Taishan Scholar Young Expert of Shandong Province       2019–2023

  • Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province          2019–2022

  • Qilu Young Scholarship of Shandong University               2018–2023

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China                 2014–2016

  • Gang Lu Research Group
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