Wei Qin
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    Wei Qin
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    Qin Wei
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    School of Physics
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    Postgraduate (Doctoral)
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Condensed Matter Physics;

Wei Qin, PhD, is working at School of Physics as a full professor in Shandong University, China. In 2013, he receives his PhD degree from Shandong University. Then, he joined the University of Kansas (United States) as a postdoctoral researcher, and 2015~2016, he moved to the University of Tennessee Knoxville (United States) as a research associate. In 2017, he came back and joined Shandong University as a Qilu young Scholar. In 2018, he got Taishan Scholar of Shandong Province. Now, he mainly works on the topics of organic spintronics.


2003.9-2007.7 B.S. Applied Physics, Shandong University, China

2007-2013 Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics, Shandong University, China

2013-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow. The University of Kansas, US

2015-2016. Research Associate. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US.

2017-         Professor, Shandong University, China


Educational Experience
  • 2007-9 — 2013-6
    凝聚态物理 (理论)
  • 2003-9 — 2007-7
Research Field


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Before 2016

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