Chengyou Wang

Doctoral Degree in Engineering

With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Tianjin University

Personal Information:

Date of Employment:2010-07-20
Business Address:Weihai Campus, Science Laboratory Building 402



Chengyou Wang was born in Shandong province, China, in 1979. He received the B.E. degree in electronic information science and technology from Yantai University, China, in 2004, and the M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in signal and information processing from Tianjin University, China, in 2007 and 2010, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor and a Supervisor of master’s students with Shandong University, Weihai, China. His current research interests include digital image/video processing and analysis (transform coding, digital watermarking, demosaicking, deblocking, dehazing, image quality assessment, etc.), computer vision (tamper detection, content-based image retrieval, etc.), and wireless communication technology. As the project leader, he presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China; the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation; the Research Award Fund for Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Scientists of Shandong Province; and the Science and Technology Development Plan Project of Weihai Municipality. As the first author or corresponding author, he has published more than 100 journal papers, which have been indexed by SCI or EI, and has obtained three invention patents.

2000.9  to  2004.7
烟台大学4年 | 电子信息科学与技术 | Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
2004.9  to  2007.2
天津大学2.5年 | 信号与信息处理 | Master's Degree in Engineering
2007.3  to  2010.3
天津大学3年 | 信号与信息处理 | Doctoral Degree in Engineering

2013.9  to  Now
 School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering | Shandong University 
2010.8  to  2013.8
 School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering | Shandong University 

IEEE会员、IEICE会员;“国家自然科学基金项目”通讯评审专家、“教育部科技评价与评审信息系统”评审专家、国家科技专家库专家、教育部学位与研究生教育发展中心“学位论文通讯评议专家”、山东省高等学校创新创业教育“学科专业导师”;威海信息化评审专家、威海市智库成员;Signal Processing, Signal Processing: Image Communication, Digital Signal Processing, IET Image Processing, Electronics Letters, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, Image Analysis & Stereology, Journal of Information Processing Systems, IEEE Access, 自动化学报、天津大学学报(自然科学与工程技术版), 电路与系统学报, 浙江大学学报(理学版)等期刊审稿人。

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