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Main positions:全国金属学会非晶分会委员,全国电工学会非晶分会委员




Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Alma Mater:山东工业大学

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王伟民,男,1970.2出生于江苏宜兴。 1988-1995,于东南大学机械系学习,获学士与硕士学位;1995-1998,于山东工业大学材料学院学习,获博士学位;2000-2002,于南京大学物理系作博士后研究。2000年,曾赴乌克兰国家科学院金属物理所作过短期访问研究。2006.2-2007.7, 以洪堡学者身份于德国莱布尼兹固体物理与材料研究所(IFW-Dresden)合作访问。通讯地址:山东大学(千佛山校区)材料学院;Tel: 0531-88392749; Email: 承担学术职务:洪堡基金会会员, 国家自然科学基金通讯评议专家, 教育部科技项目评审专家, 山东省科技项目评审专家, 山东省高层次专家库成员, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Progress in Natural Science, Journal of Materials Science and Technology, International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials, Chinese Physics Letter, Transaction of Non-Ferrous Society of China, 稀有金属材料与工程,上海交通大学学报等国际国内杂志评审专家。第69届世界铸造会议学术工作委员会成员. 2024 yearZhicheng Yan, Xingeng Li, Baoshuai Du, W.M. Wang*, Temperature-dependent oxidation behavior of Al2Au alloy, J. Phys. Chem. C, (Cover Invitation) Accepted. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.4c01612 Hanze Liu, Zhicheng Yan, Qi Chen, Hao Zhang, Yu Feng, Zhigang Qi, Zhaoxuan Wang, Shaopeng Pan, Yiyong Jia, Weimin Wang*, Enhancing the corrosion resistance of Al50Ni50 alloy by increasing cooling rate plus annealing, Trans. Non-Ferr. Soc. China, 34(2024) 769−785. DOI: 10.1016/S1003-6326 (23) 66433-7 Qi Chen, Zhigang Qi, Zhaoxuan Wang, Ziqi Song, Laichang Zhang, Lingyu Guo*, Weimin Wang*, Nanoscale phase transition in FePC alloy with highly catalytic degradation ability of dye wastewater induced by pulsed laser, Appl. Surf. Sci., Volume 659 (2024), 159946 10.1016 /j.apsusc.2024.159946, 30 June 2024 Z.G. Qi, Q. Chen, Z.X. Wang, Z.Q. Song, K.B. Kim, J. Pang, X.H. Zhang*, W.M. Wang*, Improving the degradation and magnetization performance of FePC amorphous alloys by annealing treatment, npj Mater. Degrad., 8 (2024): 28 , DOI: 10.1038/s41529-024-00449-75. Qi Chen,Haoxiang Di,Zhigang Qi,Zhaoxuan Wang,Ziqi Song,Laichang Zhang,Lingyu Guo*,Weimin Wang*,Highly efficient catalytic performance and self-renewing behavior of Fe-based glass induced by pulsed laser, J. Mater. Sci. Tech., 188 (2024), Pages 191-201, 10.1016/ j.jmst. 2023.11.062, 20 July 2024Z. X. Wang, Z. C. Yan, Z.G. Qi, Y. Feng, H. Z. Liu, Q. Chen, Z. Q. Song, P. Jia, K.B. Kim, W. M. Wang*, Corrosion mode evaluation of Fe-based glassy alloys with metalloid elements by electrochemical noise (EN) , Appl. Surf. 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