R. Zong, X. Yang*, L. Wen, C. Xu, Y. Zhu, T. Chen, L. Yao, L. Wang, J. Zhang, L. Yang, X. Wang, M. Shao, T. Zhu,L. Xue*, W. Wang. Strong ozone production at a rural site in the North China Plain: mixed effects of urban plumes and biogenic emissions,Journal of Environmental Sciences, 71, 261-270
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上一条:L. Xue*, X. Yang, Q. Zha, Y. J. Tham, C. Yan, P. K. K. Louie, C. W. Y. Luk, T. Wang and W. Wang, Oxidizing capacity of the rural atmosphere in Hong Kong, Southern China.Science of the Total Environment, 612. 1114-1122

下一条:Yi, YY; Cao, ZY; Zhou, XH; Xue, LK; Wang, WX. Formation of aqueous-phase secondary organic aerosols from glycolaldehyde and ammonium sulfate/amines: A kinetic and mechanistic study. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT. 181: 117-125

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