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Yinghua Qiu

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Main positions:山东大学机械工程学院
Alma Mater:Southeast University
Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
School/Department:School of Mechanical Engineering
Date of Employment:2019-09-29
Administrative Position:Professor
Discipline:Mechanical Engineering
Business Address:Room 1224 Innovation Building, Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong University
Contact Information:Cellphone: +86-150-2238-9575 Email: yinghua.qiu@sdu.edu.cn Skype: yinghua.qiu

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Yinghua Qiu

Qilu Scholar


School of Mechanical Engineering at Shandong University

Email: yinghua.qiu@sdu.edu.cn;   yinghua.qiu@hotmail.com

Phone: +86-150-2238-9575

Skype: yinghua.qiu

Address:Room 1224, Innovation building, Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong University

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Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering  Southeast University                                                   2016.12

University of California, Irvine joint-educated Ph.D. Student                                         2014-2016

B.E., Mechanical Engineering  Hefei University of Technology                                     2010.6


Research Experience

2010.09-2019.08                     Postdoc, University of Utah, Salt Lake City Advisor: Prof. Henry S. White 

2017.08-2018.08                     Postdoc, Northeastern University, Boston   Advisor: Prof. Meni Wanunu

2016.12-2017.07                     Postdoc, University of California, Irvine  Advisor: Prof. Zuzanna Siwy

2014.09-2016.11                     Assistant Specialist, University of California, Irvine    Advisor: Prof. Zuzanna Siwy

2010.09-2014.08                     Research Assistant, Southeast University Advisor: Prof. Yunfei Chen


Positions Available

Positions for Master and Ph.D. students are available. 

Positions for Postdocs are available. 

Please contact me for more details.



2018.12        Outstanding Research Award, Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah;

2018.10        Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award of Southeast University;

2017.11        2018 62nd Biophysical Society Annual Meeting Education Committee Travel Award;

2015.09        Recipient of Scientific Research Foundation from Graduate School, Southeast University;

2013.09        Recipient of Scientific Research Foundation from Graduate School, Southeast University;

2013.05        Recipient of the Innovative Project for Graduate Students, Jiangsu Province;



3.    Zuzanna Siwy, Yinghua Qiu, Crystal Yang, and James Boyd, “Systems and Methods for Liquid Purification”,US20200139306A1, issued in 2020

2.    Gang Zheng, Min Chen, Yinghua Qiu, and Dongdong Chen, “A New Electro-osmotic Pump and Fabrication Method of Pump Body”, CN 103566987 B, issued in 2015

1.    Min Chen, Gang Zheng, Yinghua Qiu, and Dongdong Chen, “A Design of Electro-osmotic Pump”, CN 203610146 U, issued in 2014


Journal Publications

Cited by Papers in Nature Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials,JACS,Nature Communications,Nano Letters,ACS Nano. (#: Co-first author; *Corresponding author)

updated on 3/24/2021

30.   Long Ma, Kabin Lin, Yinghua Qiu*, Jiakun Zhuang, Xuan An, Zhishan Yuan*, and Chuanzhen Huang, Significantly Enhanced Performance of Nanofluidic Osmotic Power Generation by Slipping Surfaces of Nanopores, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021 (JCR一区、中科院二区,IF: 4.189)

29.   Long Ma, Zhongwu Li, Zhishan Yuan, Haocheng Wang, Chuanzhen Huang, and Yinghua Qiu*, High-Performance Nanofluidic Osmotic Power Generation Enabled by Exterior Surface Charges under the Natural Salt Gradient, Journal of Power Source, 492, 229637, 2021 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 8.247)

28.   Zhishan Yuan, Zunwen Ke, Yinghua Qiu, Lijuan Zheng, Yang Yang, Qingshu Gu, Chengyong Wang, Prewetting Polypropylene-Wood Pulp Fiber Composite Nonwoven Fabric for Oil–Water Separation, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2020, 12 (41): 46923-46932. (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 8.758)

27.   Long Ma#, Zhongwu Li#, Zhishan Yuan, Chuanzhen Huang, Zuzanna S. Siwy and Yinghua Qiu*, Modulation of Ionic Current Rectification in Ultra-Short Conical Nanopores, Analytical Chemistry, 92 (24), 16188-16196, 2020 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 6.785)

26.   Rui Gao, Martin A. Edwards, Yinghua Qiu, Koushik Barman, and Henry S. White*, Visualization of Hydrogen Evolution at Individual Platinum Nanoparticles at a Buried Interface, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(19), 8890-8896, 2020 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 14.612)

25.   Koushik Barman, Martin A. Edwards, David P. Hickey, Christopher Sandford, Yinghua Qiu, Rui Gao, Shelley D. Minteer*, Henry S. White*, Electrochemical Reduction of [Ni(Mebpy)3]2+ Elucidation of the Redox Mechanism by Cyclic Voltammetry and Steady-State Voltammetry in Low Ionic Strength Solutions, ChemElectroChem, 7(6), 1473-1479, 2020 (JCR二区、中科院二区,IF: 4.154)

24.   Yinghua Qiu, Hang Ren, Martin A. Edwards, Rui Gao, Koushik Barman, and Henry S. White*, Electrochemical Generation of Individual Nanobubbles Comprising H2, D2, and HD, Langmuir, 36(22), 6073-6078, 2020 (JCR二区、中科院二区,IF: 3.557)

23.   Zhongwu Li#Yinghua Qiu#, Yan Zhang, Min Yue, and Yunfei Chen*, Effects of Surface Trapping and Contact Ion Pairing on Ion Transport in Nanopores, Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 123(24), 15314-15322, 2019 (JCR一区、中科院二区,IF: 4.189)

22.   Jian Ma, Kun Li, Zhongwu Li, Yinghua Qiu, Wei Si, Yanyan Ge, Jingjie Sha, Lei Liu, Xiao Xie, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni, Deyu Li, and Yunfei Chen*, Drastically reduced ion mobility in a nanopore due to enhanced pairing and collisions between dehydrated ions, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(10), 4264-4272, 2019 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 14.612)

21.   Yinghua Qiu*, Zuzanna Siwy, and Meni Wanunu*, Abnormal Current Rectification Caused by Reversed Electroosmotic Flow under Viscosity Gradients across Thin Nanopores, Analytical Chemistry, 91 (1), 996-1004, 2019 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 6.785)

20.   Yinghua Qiu*, Optimal Voltage for Nanoparticle Detection Using Thin Nanopores, Analyst, 143(19, 2018 (JCR一区、中科院二区,IF: 3.978)

19.   Zhongwu Li, Yinghua Qiu, Kun Li, Jingjie Sha, Tie Li and Yunfei Chen*, Optimal Design of Graphene Nanopores for Seawater Desalination, Journal of Chemical Physics, 148, 014703, 2018 (JCR二区、中科院二区,IF: 2.991)

18.   Preston Hinkle, Trisha Westerhof, Yinghua Qiu, David J Mallin, Matthew L Wallace, Edward L Nelson, Peter Taborek, Zuzanna S Siwy*, A Hybrid Resistive Pulse-optical Detection Platform for Microfluidic Experiments, Scientific Reports, 7(1), 10173, 2017 (JCR一区、中科院三区,IF: 3.998)

17.   Yinghua Qiu and Zuzanna Siwy*, Probing Charges on Solid-Liquid Interfaces with the Resistive-Pulse Technique, Nanoscale, 9, 13527-13537, 2017 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 6.895)

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14.   Yinghua Qiu#, Chih-Yuan Lin#, Preston Hinkle, Timothy S Plett, Crystal Yang, Jenu Varghese Chacko, Michelle A Digman, Li-Hsien Yeh*, Jyh-Ping Hsu* and Zuzanna S Siwy*, Highly Charged Particles Cause a Larger Current Blockage in Micropores Compared to Neutral Particles, ACS Nano, 10 (9), 8413-8422, 2016 (JCR一区、中科院一区,IF: 14.588)

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5.     Jian Ma#Yinghua Qiu#, Zhishan Yuan, Yin Zhang, Jingjie Sha, Lei Liu, Litao Sun, Zhonghua Ni, Hong Yi, Deyu Li and Yunfei Chen*, Detection of Short Single-Strand DNA Homopolymers with Ultrathin Si3N4 Nanopores, Physical Review E, 92(2), 022719, 2015 (Contribute equally to this work.) (JCR一区、中科院二区,IF: 2.296)

4.     Yinghua Qiu, Qiyan Tan, Wei Si, and Yunfei Chen*, Ion Specificity in NaCl Solution Confined in Silicon Nanochannels, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 57(1), 230-238, 2014 (JCR二区、中科院二区,IF: 2.302)

3.     Qiyan Tan, Gutian Zhao, Yinghua Qiu, Yajing Kan, Zhonghua Ni and Yunfei Chen*, Experimental Observation of the Ion–Ion Correlation Effects on Charge Inversion and Strong Adhesion between Mica Surfaces in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions, Langmuir, 30(36), 10845-10854, 2014 (JCR二区、中科院二区,IF: 3.557)

2.     Wei Si, Jingjie Sha, Lei Liu, Yinghua Qiu, and Yunfei Chen*, Effect of Nanopore Size on Poly(dT)30 Translocation through Silicon Nitride Membrane, SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 56(10), 2398-2402, 2013 (JCR二区、中科院三区,IF: 2.302)

  1.     Yinghua Qiu, Yunfei Chen*, Lei Liu, and Gutian Zhao,Water and Ion Distributions in a Silicon Nanochannel: a Molecular Dynamics Study, Proceedings of the      Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N: Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems, 226(1), 31-34, 2012


  • 2014.9 -- 2016.9

    University of California, Irvine      联合培养博士研究生

  • 2010.9 -- 2016.10

    东南大学       机械工程       Doctoral Degree in Engineering

  • 2006.9 -- 2010.7

    合肥工业大学       机械设计制造及其自动化       Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

Professional Experience

  • 2018.9 -- 2019.8

    University of Utah

  • 2017.8 -- 2018.8

    Northeastern University

  • 2017.1 -- 2017.7

    University of California, Irvine

  • 2016.9 -- 2017.1

    University of California, Irvine

Social Affiliations

  • 美国化学会会员

  • 中国微米纳米技术学会高级会员

  • Senior Member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Research Group