Paper Publications
T. Feng, Passively Q-switched lasers at 1.06 μm with graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes D2O dispersion, Optical Materials, 36, 1270-1273 (2014).
  • Journal:
    Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport,2007,78 : A86.
  • First Author:
    Yi. X., & Gao, Z
  • Translation or Not:
Pre One:T. Feng, Diode-pumped continuous wave and passively Q-switched Tm, Mg: LiTaO3 lasers, Optics Express, 22, 3818-3823 (2014).
Next One:T. Feng, Optimization of diode-pumped doubly Q-switched mode-locked laser with electro-optic modulator and GaAs saturable absorber, Optics Laser &Technology, 54, 371–375 (2013).
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