Educational Experience
  • 2013/09/01-2018/12/31
    With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
  • 2009/09/01-2013/06/30
    University graduated
Work Experience
  • 2021-4 — Now
     机械工程学院  山东大学 
  • 2019-2 — 2021-3
     机械与动力工程学院  上海交通大学 
Achievements in Scientific Research
Research direction

(1) 周京国. Rock Breakage and Tools Performance During Rock Processing by Multidiameter Combination Saw with Different Diameters .Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering .2022 (55):4459

(2) 孙德鹏. Wear behavior and morphologic characterization of diamond segments induced by crystal plane characteristics of diamond grits in sawing hard materials .International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials .2022 ,103

(3) 王心雨. 基于数字图像处理技术的白麻花岗岩含水率检测 .《无损检测》 .2022 ,44 (8):43

(4) 张恒. Investigation of machinability in milling of Inconel 718 with solid Sialon ceramic tool using supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2)-based cooling conditions .ceramics international .2021 (48)

(5) Heng Zhang*, Jiaqiang Dang, Qinglong An, Xiaojiang Cai, MingChen*. Study on the drilling performances of a newly developed CFRP/invar co-cured material .Journal of Manufacturing Processes .2021 ,66 :669-678

(6) Heng Zhang, Jiaqiang Dang, Weiwei Ming, Xingwei Xu, Ming Chen, Qinglong An*. Cutting responses of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V with solid ceramic tool under dry high-speed milling processes .Ceramics International .2020 ,46 :14536-14547

(7) Heng Zhang*, Jinsheng Zhang, Ming Chen*, Qinglong An. The effect of operational parameters on diamond tools of frame sawing system: Wear characteristics and optimization in stone processing .International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials .2019 ,84 :105019

(8) Heng Zhang, Jinsheng Zhang*, Shuo Wang. Comparison of wear performance of diamond tools in frame sawing with different trajectories .International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials .2019 ,78C :178-185

(9) Heng Zhang, Jinsheng Zhang*, Peiyu Dong, Qin Sun. Investigation of the sawing performance of a new type of diamond frame saw machine .Diamond and Related Materials .2018 ,84 :11-19

(10) Heng Zhang, Jinsheng Zhang*, Zhi Wang, Qin Sun, Jinyan Fang. A new frame saw machine by diamond segmented blade for cutting granite .Diamond and Related Materials .2016 ,69 :40-48

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