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Joint Research on Energy/Spectrum Efficiency and Interference Alleviation in 5G Mobile Communication Systems
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Affiliation of Participant(s):信息科学与工程学院
Leading Scientist:Zhiquan Bai
Supported by:华中科技大学—科技部国际合作
Nature of Project:5G移动通信能效、频效和干扰消除合作研究
Project level:National
Project Participants:Zhiquan Bai,Zhiquan Bai,Mingyan Jiang,SUN JIAN
Project Number:kyxm-59098
Project Approval Number:2015DFG12580
Date of Project Approval:2015-04-01
Date of Project Initiation:2015-04-01
Scheduled completion time:2018-03-31
Date of Project Completion:2018-03-31