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Title of Project : 高性能全参数电池精密测试仪器研制及产业化应用

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Project Name:高性能全参数电池精密测试仪器研制及产业化应用

Affiliation of Participant(s):控制科学与工程学院

Leading Scientist:Shang Yunlong

Supported by:2019年山东省重点研发计划(重大科技创新工程竞争择优类)

Type of Project:应用研究

Nature of Project:纵向

Project level:省、部委级

Project Participants:Guanguan Zhang,Shang Yunlong,zhangchenghui,Duan Bin,Chen Alian,cuinaxin,zhangguangxian,wangguangchen

Project Number:9A83328355AA2563E053BE07C2CADB4E

Date of Project Approval:2019-11-21

Scheduled completion time:2021-12-31

Date of Project Completion:2021-12-31

Date of Project Initiation:2019-01-01

Project Approval Number:2019JZZY010416

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