Cao Chengbo
Paper Publications
Xiaoqiang Dong, Jian Xu, ChengboCao, Dejun Sun, Xiren Jiang. Aqueous foam stabilized by hydrophobicallymodified silica particles and liquid paraffin droplets [J].Colloids andSurfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects(SCI, EI收录)., 2010, 353(2-3):118-188.
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Pre One:Cao Chengbo*,ZhuFanglian, Wang Qin, ChuandongWang, Baolu Li, Ronghui Lv and Musen Li.Release of Nestorone from Biodegradable Rods System in vitro [J]. Journal ofWuhan University of Technology-Materirals Science Edition(SCI, EI收录). 2010,25(1):4-7

Next One:Cheng Bo Caoa,b*, ChenZhoua, Xun Sunb, Jian Ping Gaob, Zhi Yuan Wangb,*.Photo-crosslinkingof Water-soluble Polymers with a New Photobase Generator[J].Polymer (二区IF=3.828), 2010,51(18): 4058-4062

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