Hao Chen, male. He is now professor, Doctoral supervisor, and  Qilu Young Scholar in State key laboratory of Crystal materials, Shandong University.

He received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Shandong University in the year of 2011.  In 2014, he received his Master's degree in Chemistry from Nankai University, under the tutor of Academician Song Licheng.  In 2017, he received his PhD degree from Zhejiang University under the tutor of Professor Gao Chao. From 2017 to 2022, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University under the tutor of Professor Yi Cui, Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of United States.  In 2022, he joined the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University and was awarded qilu Young Scholar and Professor.

His main research interest focus on high energy density lithium battery materials, graphene-based battery materials and aluminum ion battery materials.  Since 2017, he has published more than 40 research papers in Nature, Science, Nature Energy (4), Nature Nanotechnology (2) and other important international academic journals.  Especially, he publish 16 papers in Nature Energy (2 papers), Joule, Matter, Chem, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy  Materials (3) and other international academic journals as the first, co-first, corresponding author. His publications have been cited for more than 4000 times, including 5 ESI highly cited papers and 1 ESI hot papers. His personal H factor is 28, and obtained 3 invention patents. 

His main research results have been reported by People's Daily, Xinhua net and other media as "Aluminum-graphene battery", and have been reported by Sciencenet, Materials View China, Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other online media for many times.  In 2020, he won the "R&D100 Award", which is regarded as the "Oscar award" in the international science and technology field. 

Educational Experience
  • 2014/09/01-2017/09/30
    Zhejiang university
  • 2011/09/01-2014/06/30
    Nankai University
    Postgraduate (Master's Degree)
  • 2007/09/01-2011/06/30
    Shandong University
    Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)
Work Experience
  • 2022-6 — Now
     State key laboratory of crystal materials  Shandong University 
  • 2017-12 — 2022-6
     Department of Materials Science and Engineering  Stanford University 
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Achievements in Scientific Research
Research direction

(1) Hao Chen (First author). Free-Standing Ultrathin Lithium Metal/Graphene oxide Host Foil with Controllable Thickness .Nature Energy .2021 ,6 :790-798

(2) Hao Chen (Co-first author). Formulating energy density for designing practical lithium–sulfur batteries .Nature Energy .2022 ,7 :312-319

(3) Hao Chen (co-first author). An Interdigitated Li-Solid Polymer Electrolyte Framework for Interfacial Stable All-Solid-State Batteries .Advanced Energy Materials .2022 ,2022 :aenm.202201160

(4) Hao Chen (First author). Tortuosity effect in Li metal host anodes .Joule .2020 ,4 :938-952

(5) Hao Chen (First author). Electrode Design with Integration of High Tortuosity and Sulfur-Philicity for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Battery .Matter .2020 ,2 :1605-1620

(6) Hao Chen (Co-first author). Dynamic Covalent Synthesis of Crystalline Porous Graphitic Frameworks .Chem .2020 ,6 :933-944

(7) Hao Chen (First author). Uniform High Ionic Conducting Lithium Sulfide Protection Layer for Stable Lithium Metal Anode .Advanced Energy Materials .2019 ,9 :1900858

(8) Hao Chen (First author). Ultrafast all-climate aluminum-graphene battery with quarter-million cycle life .Science Advances .2017 ,3 :eaao7233

(9) Hao Chen (First author). High-Quality Graphene Microflower Design for High‐Performance Li–S and Al-Ion Batteries .Advance Energy Materials .2017 ,7 :1700051

(10) Hao Chen (First author). A defect-free principle for advanced graphene cathode of aluminum‐ion battery .Advance Materials .2017 ,29 :1605958

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