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Algal cell viability assessment: The role of environmental factors in phytoplankton population dynamics

  • 发表刊物: Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • 关键字: Digital holographyDeep learningCell viabilityHarmful algal bloomsEast China Sea
  • 是否译文:
  • 发表时间: 2023-02-01
  • 收录刊物: SCI
摘要: The viability of algal cells is one of the most fundamental issues in marine ecological research, In this work, amethod was designed to identify algal cell viability based on digital holography and deep learning, which dividealgal cells into three categories: active, weak, and dead cells. This method was applied to measure algal cells insurface waters of the East China Sea in spring, revealing about 4.34 %-23.29 % weak cells and 3.98 %-19.47 %dead cells. Levels of nitrate and chlorophyll a were the main factors affecting the viability of algal cellsFurthermore, algal viability changes during the heating and cooling were observed in laboratory experiments:high temperatures led to an increase in weak algal cells. This may provide an explanation for why most harmfualgal blooms occur in warming months. This study provided a novel insight into how to identify the viability ofalgal cells and understand their significance in the ocean.