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High-resolution fiber grating pressure sensor with in-situ calibration for deep sea exploration

  • 发表刊物: Optics Express
  • 是否译文:
  • 发表时间: 2023-03-01
摘要: A high-resolution and wide-range pressure sensor based on t phase-shifted fiberBragg grating (-FBG) encapsulated with metal thin-walled cylinder is reported. The sensor hasbeen tested with a wavelength-sweeping distributed feedback laser, photodetector and a Hl3c!4Ngas cell. To perceive temperature and pressure synchronously, a pair of -FBGs are glued on theouter wall of the thin-walled cylinder along the circumferential direction with different anglesThe interference of temperature is effectively corrected by a high-precision calibration algorithmThe reported sensor has a sensitivity of 4.42 pm/MPa, a resolution of 0.036% full scale (F.S.).and a repeatability error of 0.045% F.S. in the range of 0-110 MPa that corresponds to an oceandepth resolution of 5 m and a measurement range of eleven thousand meters to cover the deepesttrench of the Ocean. The sensor features simplicity, good repeatability, and practicability.