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Title of Project : 高各向异性MnAl纳米颗粒及其复合结构的制备与磁性研究

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Project Name:高各向异性MnAl纳米颗粒及其复合结构的制备与磁性研究

Affiliation of Participant(s):物理学院

Leading Scientist:Shishou Kang

Supported by:国家基金委

Nature of Project:纵向

Project level:National

Project Participants:Shishou Kang,Shishou Kang,daiyouyong,Yu Shuyun

Project Number:kyxm-16815

Date of Project Approval:2011-08-31

Scheduled completion time:2015-12-31

Date of Project Completion:2015-12-31

Date of Project Initiation:2012-01-01

Project Approval Number:11174183

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