Ma Wei

Doctoral Degree in Philosophy

With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

University of California, Los Angeles

Personal Information:

Date of Employment:2008-11-07
Business Address:Baotuquan Campus



Dr. Wei Ma is a Professor in School of Public Health, Shandong University. He received his Ph. D. in Epidemiology at School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles in 2006. Dr. Ma's research interest include impacts of climate change on human health, and infectious disease Epidemiology, including prevention and control of AIDS among high risk populations.

2001.9  to  2006.12
美国加州大学洛杉矶分校 | 预防医学 | Doctor
1996.9  to  1999.7
中国预防医学科学院 | 卫生统计学 | Master's Degree in Medicine
1989.9  to  1994.6
山东医科大学 | 预防医学 | Bachelor
1986.9  to  1989.7

2008.11  to  Now
2007.1  to  2008.10
1999.7  to  2001.8
1994.7  to  1996.8

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