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Sun Huaifeng

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Alma Mater:Shandong University
Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
School/Department:School of Civil Engineering
Administrative Position:Professor
Discipline:Geo-exploration and Information Technology
Geotechnical Engineering
Instrumentation Science and Technology
Applied Mathematics
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
Signal and Information Processing
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering and Protection Works
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Business Address:Room 609, Building 8, Qianfoshan Campus
Contact Information:0531-88392776

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Accepting Master or PhD students for Geophysics or Electronic Engineering or Engineering Software

Dr. Huaifeng Sun received his BSc degree and PhD degree from Shandong University. He is currently the Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Earth Electromagnetic Exploration and the chair of the Department of Engineering Software.

His research is interdisciplinary including electromagnetic geophysics, geotechnical, high performance computing, applied mathematics, AI, electronic engineering and engineering software. His current research interest focuses on the research & development of modern software and instruments/sensors to solve various geological or engineering problems. Such as UAV-based and helicopter-based electromagnetic methods for surveys in complex terrain areas, vehicle-based Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction surveys for quick subsurface imaging, low-frequency computational electromagnetics, etc.

He is passionate on academic services. He works as Associate Editor for three journals and worked as technical co-Chair for several international workshops.

He is happy to talk on international collaborations, and accpet international Master and PhD students.

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  • 2008.9 -- 2013.6

    Shandong University       Geotechnical Engineering       Postgraduate (Doctoral)       Doctoral Degree in Engineering      Joint programme of SDU and CHD

  • 2010.9 -- 2013.3

    Chang'an University       Geophysics      Visiting Ph.D. student

  • 2002.9 -- 2006.7

    Shandong University       Civil Engineering       Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

Professional Experience

  • 2013.8 -- Now

    Shandong University      Geotechnical engineering research center      Professor

  • 2014.1 -- 2015.12

    Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd.      Post Doctoral Research Fellow

  • 2006.7 -- 2008.8

    Shandong University      School of Civil Engineering      Student counselor

Social Affiliations

  • 2023.8 -- Now

    Youth Editorial Board for Journal of Geophysics and Engineering

  • 2023.5 -- Now

    Editorial Board for Chinese Journal of Engineering Geophysics

  • 2023.1 -- Now

    Member of the Intelligent Geophysical Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society

  • 2022.1 -- Now

    Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Geophysics

  • 2019.6 -- Now

    Vice Chairman of the Seventh Council of the Committee on Environmental Geophysics of the Chinese Geophysical Society

  • 2020.11 -- 2020.11

    3rd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & Engineering, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • 2020.11 -- Now

    Member of the 4th Committee of the Geoelectromagnetic Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society

  • 2019.12 -- 2019.12

    AGU Fall Meeting, Urban Geophysics, Session Chair

  • 2021.7 -- Now

    Member of the 5th Council of the Geological Instrument Branch of the China Instrument Society

  • 2021.8 -- Now

    SEG China Advisory Committee (CAC)

  • 2020.8 -- 2020.8

    Co-Chair, SEG 2020 Workshop: Underground Water and Karst Imaging

  • 2019.8 -- 2019.8

    Co-Chair, SEG 2019 Workshop: Geophysics for Smart City Development

  • 2020.9 -- Now

    Executive Director of Shandong Seismological Society

  • 2014.12 -- 2021.12

    Deputy Secretary-General of Shandong Geophysical Society

  • 2019.5 -- Now

    SEG student Chapter SDU geophysical society