Date of Employment:2001-07-01


Fengrong Wang



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Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Alma Mater:Nankai University
School/Department:The Center for Economic Research


Fengrong Wang, Female, owns PhD’s Degree of Economics and is second grade professor of Shandong University.Professor Wang is the doctoral supervisor in the Center for Economic Research and Shandong School of Development of Shandong University;High-end talent experts in Tink-Tank of Shandong Province;Outstanding young and middle-aged scholars of Shandong University;Senior visiting scholar at West Virginia University,USA and Tilburg University, Netherlands. Professor Wang has been devoted to the study of financial economics, institutional (policy) changes and economic development for a long time,and has extensively covered the fields of modern enterprise theory, portfolio investment and capital operation. Recently,Professor Wang has focused on green finance, government regulation and industrial organization. Professor Wang has published more than 90 academic papers in repute international and national finance and economics journals, including Research in International Business and Finance, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Economics Letters, Technology in Society, Economic Research Journal, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, and Chinese Management Studies. Her personal monograph, M&A and Corporate Consolidation: A Study of the Role of Competitive Government Behavior, has been published by Palgrave Macmillion Press in 2021.The number of the projects supported by The National Social Science Fund of China, The National Natural Science Foundation of Chinaor other provincial-level foundation that Professor Wang had led is nearly 20,and more than 10 projects earned the provincial-level or higher awards such as national outstanding scientific research achievements in Colleges and universities (Humanities and Social Sciences) ,Grand Prize or First Prize of social science outstanding achievement in Shandong province,some of these was selected into the national philosophy and social science results library or got approval as Chinese academic translation projectsupported by The National Social Science Fund of China.

  • 1985.9 -- 1989.6
    Liaocheng University , Political Economics  , Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy , Bachelor graduation
  • 1990.9 -- 1993.3
    Zhejiang University , Economics  , Doctoral Degree in Economics , The graduate student is educated
  • 1998.9 -- 2001.6
    Nankai University , Economics  , Doctoral Degree in Economics , With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Professional Experience
  • 2018.7 -- 2019.1
    Tilburg University, Holland , Finance Department , senior research scholar
  • 2007.8 -- 2008.8
    West Virginia University, USA , Finance Department , Visiting Scholar
  • 1994.1 -- 1998.8
    Shandong University of Finance and Economics , Finance Department , Lecturer
  • 1989.8 -- 1990.8
    Dezhou Foreign Trade Company , Manager Office
  • 1993.1 -- 1994.1
    Daya Bay Investment Company of Guangdong Province , Program Department
  • 2001.7 -- Now
    Shandong University , the Center for Economic Research
Social Affiliations
  • High-end talent experts in Tink-Tank of ShanDong Province; Assessor of The National Social Science Fund of China, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Scholarship Council and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation; Invited analyst of monetary credit implementation policy in The People's Bank OF China Jinan Branch; Senior management consultant of Shandong Property Right Exchange Center; Anonymous reviewer of Economic Research Journal and Journal of Financial Research.  
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