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Guanghui Wang

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  • 1. Combinatorics

       Title       Journal
    F-factors in quasi-random hypergraphs. Journal of the London Mathematical Society
    Embedding clique-factors in graphs with low l-independence number. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B
    Tiling multipartite hypergraphs in quasi-random hypergraphs. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B
    Clique immersion in graphs without a fixed bipartite graph. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B
    Balanced subdivisions of cliques in graphs. Combinatorica
    Non-liear Hamilton cycles in quasi-random hypergraphs. SODA
    Integer colorings with forbidden rainbow sums. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A
    Crux and long cycles in graphs. SIAM Discrete Mathematics
    Decomposing edge-coloured graphs under colour degree constraints.  Combinatorics Probability Computing
    Integer colorings with no rainbow k-term arithmetic progression. European Journal of Combinatorics
    On splitting digraphs. European Journal of Combinatorics
    Rainbow matchings in properly-colored hypergraphs. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
    Density of monochromatic infinite paths. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
    Planar graphs with maximum degree 8 and without intersecting  chordal 4-cycles are 9-totally colorable. Science China(Mathematics)
    Antimagic orientations of even regular graphs. Journal of Graph Theory

    2. Date Science

                      Title        Journal

    An integrative and applicable phylogenetic footprinting framework for cis-regulatory motifs identification in prokaryotic genomes.

    BMC Genomics

    Dynamic contest model with bounded rationality.

    Applied Mathematics and Computation

    RWHMDA: Random walk on hypergraph for Microbe-Disease association prediction.

    Frontiers in Microbiology

    Integrating random walk and binary regression to identify novel MiRNA-Disease association.

    BMC Bioinformatics

    HAMDA: Hybrid approach for MiRNA-Disease association prediction.

    Journal of Biomedical Informatics

    Temporal information gathering process for node ranking in time-varying networks.