L. Wen, L. Xue*, X. Wang, C. Xu, T. Chen, L. Yang, T. Wang, Q. Zhang, W. Wang. Summertime fine particulate nitrate pollution in the North China Plain: increasing trends, formation mechanisms, and implications for control policy,Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics,18,11261-11275
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上一条:Dandan Li, Likun Xue*, Liang Wen, Xinfeng Wang, Tianshu Chen, Abdelwahid Mellouki*, Jianmin Chen, Wenxing Wang, Characteristics and sources of nitrous acid in an urban atmosphere of northern China: Results from 1-yr continuous observations, Atmospheric Environment, 182: 296-306

下一条:J. Sun, Z. Li, L. Xue*,T. Wang, X. Wang, J. Gao, W. Nie, I.J. Simpson, R. Gao, D.R. Blake, F. Chai and W. Wang. Summertime C1-C5alkyl nitrates over Beijing, northern China: spatial distribution, regional transport, andformation mechanisms,Atmospheric Research, 204, 102-109

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