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Date of Birth:1978-12-18
Alma Mater:东南大学
Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Date of Employment:2007-06-20
Discipline:Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Business Address:山东大学 岩土与结构工程研究中心

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The Ultimate Bearing Capacity and Parameter Analysis of High-Strength Concrete T-Beam

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Journal:China Railway Science

Key Words:High-strength concrete constitutive relationship nonlinear T-shaped beam

Abstract:The strength and deformation characteristics of high-strength concrete are quite different from those of ordinary concrete. Considering the nonlinear effect of high-strength concrete materials, three-dimensional 8-node reinforced concrete solid elements are used to simulate the structure of reinforced concrete and prestressed high-strength concrete T-beams The simulation analysis of the full stress process of the system. The analysis results show that the whole process of the prestressed high-strength concrete T-beam can be divided into four stages: pre-reinforced arch, concrete cracking, steel bar yield, and concrete failure; the T-beam reaches the limit The load-deflection curve at the time of bearing capacity is close to the horizontal line. The main parameters affecting the ultimate bearing capacity of the prestressed high-strength concrete T-beam are analyzed, and the reinforcement ratio, high-span ratio and prestress degree of the high-strength concrete T-beam with different labels are given. It is recommended that the prestressed high-strength concrete T-beam be designed as a "partially prestressed concrete" structure with less prestressed steel bars, greater tensile control stress, and common steel bars.

All the Authors:颜东煌,zhangfeng

First Author:刘小燕

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First-Level Discipline:Civil Engineering

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Page Number:8-12

ISSN No.:1001-4632.2006.01.002

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Date of Publication:2006-01-01

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