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Date of Birth:1978-12-18
Alma Mater:东南大学
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Date of Employment:2007-06-20
Discipline:Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Business Address:山东大学 岩土与结构工程研究中心

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Study on the Stability of Concrete Bay Bridge Pier Under Freeze-thaw Action

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Key Words:Qingdao Bay Bridge concrete freezing and thawing test research damage constitutive equation numerical analysis

Abstract:The freezing and thawing effects of seawater in the northern sea area have an important impact on the safety and stability of the concrete cross-sea bridge. In response to this problem, the ultimate compressive strength and the ultimate compressive strength of the concrete of the Qingdao Bay Bridge under freezing and thawing cycles were obtained through indoor freeze-thaw tests. Its peak strain, ultimate tensile strength, elastic modulus and other mechanical performance indexes decline with different freeze-thaw cycles, and the concrete freeze-thaw damage constitutive equation is derived. According to the comparison between the indoor and outdoor tests, the degradation law of each mechanical performance index of the pier concrete structure with the service time of the structure and the freeze-thaw damage constitutive equation of the concrete in different service periods are obtained. A 3-D finite element model of the transition pier foundation of the channel bridge of the Cangkou section of the Qingdao Bay Bridge was established. The nonlinear theory was used to numerically analyze the transition pier foundation. The maximum stress and maximum stress of the concrete transition pier foundation during different service periods were obtained. The generation position of vertical displacement and its change trend with time, and analysis of its safety laws, and reached several conclusions, which can provide a certain reference for the early design and maintenance of the project.

All the Authors:纪圣振,zhangfeng

First Author:Jia Chao

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Date of Publication:2010-03-01

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