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Financial and Economic Development Research Institute team
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     At present, the Center for Economic Research has a first-class doctoral program, a key research base in Shandong Province, and a key discipline in Shandong Province. the Center for Economic Research of Shandong University is known as the important town of institutional economics research in China. It has a high-level scientific research team headed by Professor Shaoan Huang, a student training system in line with international standards, as well as the Chinese and English Academic Journals of institutional economics and China Journal of economics Research, mainly engaged in property rights theory, law and economics, institutional Game Analysis (including classical game and evolutionary game), institution and economic growth, institutional behavior experiment and institutional measurement. Among them, a series of research on finance and its economic development has been carried out by using the method of institutional economics, which has formed distinct research characteristics and advantages. More than 60 papers have been published in the Journal of banking and finance, Economic Research Journal , Journal of Financial Research and other international or domestic authoritative journals, which is at the leading level in China.