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10. Yuechen Jia* and Feng Chen*, “Recent progress on femtosecond laser micro-/nano-fabrication of functional photonic structures in dielectric crystals: a brief review and perspective,” APL Photonics 8(9), 090901 (2023).    (Invited, Featured Article)

9. Yuechen Jia*, Jiangwei Wu, Xiaoli Sun, Xiongshuo Yan, Ranran Xie, Lei Wang, Yuping Chen*, and Feng Chen*, “Integrated photonics based on rare-earth ion-doped thin-film lithium niobate,” Laser & Photonics Reviews 16(9), 2200059 (2022).    (Inside Back Cover)

8. Xiaoli Sun, Yan Sheng, Xu Gao, Yue Liu, Feng Ren, Yang Tan, Zaixing Yang, Yuechen Jia*, and Feng Chen*, “Self-powered lithium niobate thin-film photodetectors,” Small 18(35), 2203532 (2022).    (Front Cover)

7. Genglin Li, Wenhui Du, Shuo Sun, Qingming Lu, Zhixiang Chen, Hongliang Liu, Yandong Ma, Xiaoli Sun*, Yuechen Jia*, and Feng Chen*, “2D layered MSe2 (M = Hf, Ti and Zr) for compact lasers: nonlinear optical properties and GHz lasing,” Nanophotonics 11(14), 3383-3394 (2022).

6. Xiaoli Sun, Yuechen Jia*, Hongkun Nie, Feng Ren, Baitao Zhang, and Feng Chen*, “Near-surface buried plasmonic nanoparticles in glass as novel nonlinear saturable absorbers for ultrafast lasers,” Advanced Optical Materials 10(1), 2101664 (2022).    (Back Cover)

5. Xiaoli Sun, Jiamin Sun, Jinlong Xu, Ziqi Li, Rang Li, Zaixing Yang, Feng Ren, Yuechen Jia*, and Feng Chen*, “A plasmon-enhacend SnSe2 photodetector by non-contact Ag nanoparticles,” Small 17(35), 2102351 (2021).

4. Yuechen Jia*, Lei Wang, and Feng Chen*, “Ion-cut lithium niobate on insulator technology: Recent advances and perspectives,” Applied Physics Reviews 8(1), 011307(2021).    (Invited, Featured Article, Editors’ Favorites from 2021, ESI Highly Cited Paper)

3. Yuechen Jia*, Shixiang Wang, and Feng Chen*, “Femtosecond laser direct writing of flexibly configured waveguide geometries in optical crystals: fabrication and application,” Opto-Electronic Advances 3(10), 190042 (2020).    (Invited, Front Cover, OEA 2020 Best Paper, ESI Highly Cited Paper)

2. Richard WolfYuechen Jia, Sebastian Bonaus, Christoph Werner, Simon Herr, Ingo Breunig, Karsten Buse*, and Hans Zappe, “Quasi-phase-matched nonlinear optical frequency  conversion in on-chip whispering galleries,” Optica 5(7), 872-875 (2018).

1. Yuechen Jia*, Kevin Hanka, Kevin Zawilski, Peter Schunemann, Karsten Buse*, and Ingo Breunig, “Continuous-wave whispering-gallery optical parametric oscillator based on CdSiP2,” Optics Express 26(8), 10833-10841 (2018).    (Editors Pick)


1. Feng Chen*, Hiroshi Amekura, and Yuechen Jia, Ion Irradiation of Dielectrics for Photonic Applications, Springer-Nature 2020.