Date of Employment:2014-09-06

Business Address:Qianfoshan Campus, Nr. 7
Administrative Position:Professor
Discipline:Control Theory and Control Engineering
Discipline:Control Theory and Control Engineering

Guoliang Liu



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Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Alma Mater:University of Goettingen
Other Post:Shandong Province Association of Automation - Deputy Secretary-General
School/Department:School of Control Science and Engineering
Main positions:Vice Dean


I am a full professor of the School of Control Science and Engineering, Shandong University, deputy director of the Department of Automation, Taishan scholar of Shandong Province, graduated from the University of Göttingen in Germany with a doctorate in natural sciences (Dr.rer.nat.) . My main research directions are intelligent robot, human-robot interaction and its industrial application. In recent years, I have presided over national key research and development projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, national foreign expert programs, provincial and ministerial projects, and industry cooperation projects. I have published more than 40 SCI/EI indexed papers in IEEE Trans. on AC and other journals, authorized more than 20 national invention patents, and was selected as a young expert of Taishan Scholars in Shandong Province, a young scholar of Shandong University's future plan. I am currently the deputy secretary-general of the Shandong Provincial Association of Automation, the deputy director of the Intelligent Manufacturing System Committee of the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), the member of the Standardization Working Committee of the CAA, the member of the Intelligent Robot Committee of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), the member of the Science Popularization Committee of the CAAI, and the member of the Robot System Simulation Committee of the Chinese Simulation Society (CAS). 

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Professional Experience
  • 2021.9 -- Now
    Shandong University , Professor
  • 2019.9 -- 2021.8
    山东大学控制科学与工程学院 , Associate Professor
  • 2014.9 -- 2019.8
    Shandong University , Asscociate Professor
  • 2012.6 -- 2014.8
    Lenovo Group , Staff Researcher
Social Affiliations
  • 2023.5 -- Now
    中国自动化学会智能制造系统与技术专业委员会 副主任
  • 2020.10 -- Now
    中国仿真学会机器人系统仿真专委会  委员
  • 2020.11 -- Now
    中国人工智能学会科普工作委员会 委员
  • 2018.9 -- Now
    Shandong Province Association of Automation, Vice Secretary
  • 2017.8 -- Now
    中国人工智能学会智能机器人专委会 委员
  • 2017.9 -- 2018.9
    National Mingshui ETDZ, Deputy Director
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