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Affiliation of Participant(s):环境研究院
Leading Scientist:Xue Likun
Supported by:2019年度山东省自然科学基金项目(第一批)
Type of Project:基础研究
Nature of Project:纵向
Project level:省、部委级
Project Participants:Xue Likun,Xinfeng Wang,zhouxuehua,Zhu Yu Jiao,dongcan
Project Number:9383ADF6DA2B10F7E053BE07C2CAF78D
Project Approval Number:ZR2019JQ09
Date of Project Approval:2019-04-26
Date of Project Initiation:2019-07-01
Scheduled completion time:2022-06-30
Date of Project Completion:2022-06-30