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研究方向:天然水体中溶解有机物的光化学性质(吸光性质、荧光性质和光化学降解), 溶解气体(甲烷和一氧化碳)的生物地球化学循环


Email: yongzhang@sdu.edu.cn


               Frontiers in marine science, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Deep-Sea Research, Chemosphere 等多家中英文学术期刊的审稿人



                烟台市夹河口及其邻近的北黄海海域海气界面的一氧化碳通量研究(41006040),国家自然科学基金委青年科学基金项目,2011.01-2013.12, 主持


Zhang Y*, Liu MM, Fu XT, Sun J, XIE HX*. Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) release by Dictyocha fibulain the central Bohai Sea. Marine Chemistry 2022, 241, 104107.

张永*, 臧晚莹,杨庶. 南海福尔摩沙海脊冷泉水体中的溶解甲烷. 2022, 海洋与湖沼.

刘梦梦, 张永*, 崔全刚. 渤海和北黄海CDOM的来源、时空分布及其调控机制. 2022, 海洋环境科学.

Zhang Y*, Chen B, Zhai WD*. Exploring sources and biogeochemical dynamics of dissolved methane in the central Bohai Sea in summer. Frontiers in Marine Science, 2020,7:79.

Zhang Y, Gao XL*, Guo WD, et al. Origin and dynamics of dissolved organic matter in a mariculture area suffering from summertime hypoxia and  acidification. Frontiers in Marine Science, 2018, 5:325.

Zhang Y, Xie H.* Photomineralization and photomethanification of dissolved organic matter in Saguenay River surface water. Biogeosciences, 2015,12, 6823–6836.

Zhang Y*, Zhai WD. Shallow-ocean methane leakage and degassing to the atmosphere: triggered by offshore oil-gas and methane hydrate explorations. Frontiers in Marine Science 2015, 2:34.

Zhang Y, Zhao HD, Zhai WD*, et al. Enhanced methane emissions from oil and gas exploration areas to the atmosphere—The central Bohai Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2014, 81, 157–165.

Zhang Y, Xie H,* The sources and sinks of carbon monoxide in the St. Lawrence estuarine system. Deep-Sea Research II, 2012, 81–84, 114–123.

Xie H*, Zhang Y, Lemarchand K, Poulin P. Microbial carbon monoxide uptake in the St. Lawrence estuarine system. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2009, 389, 17–29.

Zhang Y, Xie H*, Fichot CG, Chen GH. Dark production of carbon monoxide from dissolved organic matter in the St. Lawrence estuarine system: Implication for the global coastal and blue  water CO budgets. Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans, 2008, 113, C12020.

Zhang Y, Xie H*, Chen GH. Factors affecting the efficiency of carbon monoxide photoproduction in the St. Lawrence estuarine system (Canada), Environmental Science & Technology, 2006, 40, 7771–7777.


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