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Zhang Zhonghua

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Instruments for materials preparation:

Vacuum arc melting furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, high-frequency induction melting furnace, vacuum melt spinner, three-target magnetron sputtering instrument, electrostatic spinning machine, vacuum glove box, vacuum pipe sealing machine, gas-protection tube furnace, muffle furnace, diamond cutting machine, milling machine, and so forth. 

Instruments for property measurement:

X-ray diffactometer, rotating disc electrode system (RDE, PINE), rotating ring-disc electrode system (RRDE, PINE), potentiostat (Zahner Zennium), potentiostat (CHI 660e, 760e), testing system for batteries (LAND-CT2001 series), diffuse reflectance spectrometer (DRS), gas chromatograph, surface area and porosity analyzer, and so on. 

Material preparation instruments


Material testing instruments




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