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Paper Publication 2009-2011


76. Dealloying behavior of rapidly solidified Al–Ag alloys to prepare nanoporous Ag in inorganic and organic acidic media

Tingting Song, Yulai Gao*, Zhonghua Zhang*, Qijie Zhai.

CrystEngComm, 2011, 13,7058-7067

75. Dealloying Ag–Al Alloy to Prepare Nanoporous Silver as a Substrate for Surface‐Enhanced Raman Scattering: Effects of Structural Evolution and Surface Modification

Qiu HJ, Zhang ZH, Huang XR*, Qu YB.

ChemPhysChem, 2011, 12, 2118-2123

74. On the vacancy-controlled dealloying of rapidly solidified Mg–Ag alloys

Hong Ji, Chi Zhang, Junling Xu, Changchun Zhao, Xiaoguang Wang, Zhonghua Zhang*.

CrystEngComm, 2011, 13 (15), 4846 - 4849

73. Formation of Nanoporous Gold by Chemical Dealloying of an AlAu Intermetallic Compound

Jikui Lin, Zhonghua Zhang*.

Advanced Materials Research 236-238 (2011) 2092-2096

72. Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanoporous Cu/(Fe,Cu)3O4 composites with excellent electrical conductivity by one-step dealloying

Zhen Qi, Yuze Gong, Chi Zhang, Junling Xu, Xiaoguang Wang, Changchun Zhao, Hong Ji, Zhonghua Zhang*.

J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 9716–9724

71. Fabrication of bi-modal nanoporous bimetallic Pt–Au alloy with excellent electrocatalytic performance towards formic acid oxidation

Junling Xu, Chi Zhang, Xiaoguang Wang, Hong Ji, Changchun Zhao, Yan Wang* and Zhonghua Zhang*.

Green Chem., 2011, 13, 1914–1922

70. Novel nanocrystalline PdNi alloy catalyst for methanol and ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media

Zhen Qi, Haoran Geng, Xiaoguang Wang, Changchun Zhao, Hong Ji, Chi Zhang, Junling Xu, Zhonghua Zhang*

Journal of Power Sources, 196 (2011) 5823-5828

69. Length-Scale Modulated and Electrocatalytic Activity Enhanced Nanoporous Gold by Doping

Xiaoguang Wang, Jan Frenzel, Weimin Wang, Hong Ji, Zhen Qi, Zhonghua Zhang* and Gunther Eggeler,

J. Phys. Chem. C, 2011, 115(11) 4456-4465

68. Formation, control and functionalization of nanoporous silver through changing dealloying media and elemental doping

Hong Ji, Xiaoguang Wang, Changchun Zhao, Chi Zhang, Junling Xu, Zhonghua Zhang*.

CrystEngComm, 2011, 13, 2617-2628

67. Nanoporous bimetallic Pt–Au alloy nanocomposites with superior catalytic activity towards electro-oxidation of methanol and formic acid

Zhonghua Zhang*, Yan Wang* and Xiaoguang Wang.

Nanoscale, 2011, 3 (4), 1663 - 1674

66. Effect of different annealing atmospheres on crystallization and corrosion resistance of Al86Ni9La5 amorphous alloy

Li GH, Wang WM*, Ma HJ, Li R, Zhang ZH, Niu YC, Qu DJ

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2011, 125, 136-142

65. Correlation between pre-peak in structure factor and physical properties in Al-based amorphous alloys

Li R., Wang W.M.*, Ma H.J., Li G.H., Qin J.Y., Zhang Z.H., Tang X.W.



64. Isochronal and isothermal crystallization kinetics of amorphous Fe-based alloys

J.T. Zhang, W.M. Wang*, H.J. Ma, G.H. Li, R. Li, Z.H. Zhang

Thermochimica Acta 505 (2010) 41–46

63. Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase on nanoporous copper and its potential applications

Huajun Qiu, Lu Lu, Xirong Huang*, Zhonghua Zhang, Yinbo Qu

CrystEngComm, 2010, 12, 4059–4062

62. An ultrafine nanoporous bimetallic Ag–Pd alloy with superior catalytic activity

Hong Ji, Jan Frenzel, Zhen Qi, Xiaoguang Wang, Changchun Zhao, Zhonghua Zhang,* and Gunther Eggeler

CrystEngComm, 2010, 12, 4059–4062

61. Fabrication, microstructure and electrocatalytic property of novel nanoporous palladium composites

Xiaoguang Wang, Weimin Wang, Zhen Qi, Changchun Zhao, Hong Ji, Zhonghua Zhang*.

J. Alloys Comp. 508 (2010) 463-470

60. On the electrochemical dealloying of Mg–Cu alloys in a NaCl aqueous solution

Changchun Zhao, Xiaoguang Wang, Zhen Qi, Hong Ji, Zhonghua Zhang *

Corros. Sci. 52 (2010) 3962-3972

59. Ancient technology/novel nanomaterials: casting titanium carbide nanowires

Zhonghua Zhang*, Yan Wang, Jan Frenzel.

CrystEngComm, 2010, 12, 2835-2840

58. Effect of Ag or Pd additions on the microstructure, crystallization and thermal stability of Al–Ni–Ce amorphous alloys

Pengfeng Sha, Zhen Qi, Zhonghua Zhang*.

Intermetallics 18 (2010) 1699-1706

57. Electrochemical catalytic activities of nanoporous palladium rods for methanol electro-oxidation

Xiaoguang Wang, Weimin Wang, Zhen Qi, Changchun Zhao, Hong Ji, Zhonghua Zhang*.

J. Power Sources 195 (2010) 6740–6747

56. On the electrochemical dealloying of Al-based alloys in a NaCl aqueous solution

Qian Zhang, Zhonghua Zhang*.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 (2010) 1453–1472

55. Formation of ultrafine nanoporous gold related to surface diffusion of gold adatoms during dealloying of Al2Au in an alkaline solution

Zhonghua Zhang,* Yan Wang, Yingzi Wang, Xiaoguang Wang, Zhen Qi, Hong Ji and Changchun Zhao

Scripta Materialia, 62 (2010) 137–140


54. High catalytic activity of ultrafine nanoporous palladium for electro-oxidation of methanol, ethanol, and formic acid

Xiaoguang Wang, Weimin Wang, Zhen Qi, Changchun Zhao, Hong Ji, Zhonghua Zhang*

Electrochemistry Communications 11 (2009) 1896–1899

53. A benign route to fabricate nanoporous gold through electrochemical dealloying of Al–Au alloys in a neutral solution

Qian Zhang, XiaoguangWang, Zhen Qi, YanWang, Zhonghua Zhang*

Electrochim. Acta, 2009, 54, 6190-6198

52. Fabrication and characterization of monolithic nanoporous copper through chemical dealloying of Mg–Cu alloys

Changchun Zhao, Zhen Qi, Xiaoguang Wang, Zhonghua Zhang*

Corrosion Science, 2009, 51,2120-2125

51. Influence of Alloy Composition and Dealloying Solution on the Formation and Microstructure of Monolithic Nanoporous Silver through Chemical Dealloying of Al−Ag Alloys

Xiaoguang Wang, Zhen Qi, Changchun Zhao, Weimin Wang, and Zhonghua Zhang*

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113,13139-13150


50. Generalized Fabrication of Nanoporous Metals (Au, Pd, Pt, Ag, and Cu) through Chemical Dealloying

Zhonghua Zhang*, Yan Wang, Zhen Qi, Wenhua Zhang, Jingyu Qin, and Jan Frenzel.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113,12629-12636. IF 4.772


49. Fabrication and characterization of nanoporous gold composites through chemical dealloying of two phase Al–Au alloys

Zhonghua Zhang*, Yan Wang, Zhen Qi, Christoph Somsen, Xiaoguang Wang and Changchun Zhao

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2009, 19, 6042-6050

48. Formation and Characterization of Monolithic Nanoporous Copper by Chemical Dealloying of Al−Cu Alloys

Zhen Qi, Changchun Zhao, Xiaoguang Wang, Jikui Lin, Wei Shao, Zhonghua Zhang*, and Xiufang Bian

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113, 6694-6698

47. Nanoporous Gold Ribbons with Bimodal Channel Size Distributions by Chemical Dealloying of Al-Au Alloys

Zhonghua Zhang*, Yan Wang, Zhen Qi, Jikui Lin, and Xiufang Bian.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113 (4), pp 1308–1314

46. Alloy composition dependence of formation of porous Ni prepared by rapid solidification and chemical dealloying

Zhen Qi, Zhonghua Zhang*, Haoling Jia, Yingjie Qu, Guodong Liu, Xiufang Bian.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 472 (2009) 71-78

45. Formation of nanocrystalline TiC from titanium and different carbon sources by mechanical alloying

Haoling Jia, Zhonghua Zhang*, Zhen Qi, Guodong Liu, Xiufang Bian.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 472 (2009) 97-103