Di Sun   

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Sun group works on a variety of interdisciplinary research projects concerning structure and coordination chemistry (mainly polynuclear metal clusters), especially understanding of the relationship between structure and properties. Ongoing projects range from coordination compounds, metal-organic frameworks, to photoluminescence, to catalysis, to magnetism and so on. While addressing fundamental chemical problems, our research efforts are highly relevant to basic investigations on structure and related properties.

Educational Experience

  • 2008.9-2011.6  

    厦门大学       无机化学       Doctoral Degree in Science

  • 2005.9-2009.9  

    厦门大学       无机化学       Master's Degree in Science

  • 2001.9-2005.7  

    聊城大学       化学       Bachelor's Degree in Science

  • 1998.9-2001.6  


Work Experience

  • 2017.9-Now

    化学与化工学院      无机化学与材料化学研究所      教授

  • 2014.9-2017.8

    山东大学化学与化工学院      副教授

  • 2011.7-2014.8


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