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Degree:Doctoral Degree in Economics
School/Department:School of Economics

Feng Wei



Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Alma Mater:University of Calgary



My main research interests lie in taxation, public economics and applied microeconomics. In particular, I have been focusing on issues such as tax system design for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the effects of corporate tax reform on labor market outcomes and the impact of flat tax reform on the shadow economy. In terms of methodology, I use theoretical analysis to model tax systems and ...

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[1]  2006.9 to 2011.4
University of Manitoba  | Economics  | B.A.
[2]  2011.9 to 2012.11
University of Calgary  | Economics  | M.A.
[3]  2013.9 to 2019.11
University of Calgary  | Economics  | Ph.D

[1]   2019.12 to  Now
Shandong University