Jiying Han, Ph.D. in Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master in Applied Linguistics, Zhejiang University, and Bachelor of Foreign Language and Literature, Shandong University. She is currently an associate professor at the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University. In 2017, she was selected as Young Scholar of Shandong University. Her research areas include teacher development, teacher motivation, curriculum reform and implementation, foreign language teaching theory and practice. She’s got a number of publications in international academic journals including Higher Education, Educational Psychology, Asia Pacific Education Review, Teaching in Higher Education and domestic journals such as Modern Foreign Languages, Foreign Language World, Studies in Foreign Education etc. Her monograph was published by Peter Lang, a well-known international academic publisher. She is the Principal Investigator of National Social Science Foundation, the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Foundation of the Ministry of Education, the Experimental Program of Cultivating Top-notch Students in Basic Disciplines of the Ministry of Education and a number of International Co-operative Projects. She also participated in the three Social Science Foundation of Shandong Province, one Social Soft Science Foundation of Shandong Province, one General Research Foundation of Hong Kong SAR, and one annual key foundation of Shandong Department of Education, three projects directly funded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and two teaching reform projects funded by Shandong University. She’s got three Awards for the outstanding achievements of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shandong Province and one for the outstanding achievements of Soft Science in Shandong Province. She is the reviewer of SSCI journals including Studies in Higher Education, Asia Pacific Education Review, etc.

Educational Experience
  • 2012/09/01-2015/12/01
  • 2004/09/01-2006/04/21
  • 1997/09/01-2001/07/01
Work Experience
  • 2006-7 — Now
  • 2001-7 — 2004-8
  • 2006-7 — Now
     外国语学院  山东大学 
  • 2015-11 — 2018-9
     外国语学院  山东大学 
  • 2012-9 — 2015-7
     教育学院  香港中文大学 
Research Situation

Teacher development

Curriculum reform and implementation

EFL teaching and learning

Achievements in Scientific Research
Research direction

(1) Han Jiying. Faculty stressors and their relations to teacher efficacy, engagement and teaching satisfaction .Higher Education Research & Development .2020 (4)

(2) Han Jiying. Challenge job demands and job resources to university teacher well-being: the mediation of teacher efficacy .Studies in Higher Education .2020 ,45 (8):1771

(3) Han Jiying. 新大学英语教学体系下优秀教师实践性知识发展的个案研究——以通用英语教师为例 .山东外语教学 .2020 ,41 (1):55

(4) Han Jiying. Why are Chinese university teachers (not) confident in their competence to teach? The relationships between faculty-perceived stress and self-efficacy .International Journal of Educational Research .2020 (100)

(5) Han Jiying. Job demands and resources as antecedents of university teachers’ exhaustion, engagement and job satisfaction .Educational Psychology .2020 ,40 (3):318

(6) Han Jiying. A case study of faculty perceptions of teaching support and teaching efficacy in China: characteristics and relationships .Higher Education .2018 ,76 (3):519

(7) Han Jiying. 大学英语教师教学目标取向与教学方式的特征及关系探究 .《现代外语》 .2017 ,40060 :825

(8) Han Jiying. Chinese tertiary teachers’ goal orientations for teaching and teaching approaches: the mediation of teacher engagement .Teaching in Higher Education .2017 ,22 (7):766

(9) Han Jiying. Teacher motivation: Definition, research development and implications for teachers .Cogent Education .2016

(10) Han Jiying. The effect of tertiary teachers’ goal orientations for teaching on their commitment: the mediating role of teacher engagement .Educational Psychology .2016

(11) Han Jiying. College English Curriculum Reform in Mainland China: Contexts, Contents and Changes .Asian Education Studies .2016

(12) Han Jiying. Book Review:English Language Education and Assessment – Recent Developments in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland .The Journal of Asia TEFL .2016

(13) Han Jiying. Exploring the relationship between goal orientations for teaching of tertiary teachers and their teaching approaches in China .Asia Pacific Education Review .2015

(14) Han Jiying. 大学英语教师的教学目标取向:问卷修订及特征描述 .当代教育与文化 .2015

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(17) Han Jiying. 大学英语分课型教学模式的反馈与评价 .当代教育与文化 .2013

(18) Han Jiying. 国内英语听力研究十年整合:回顾与展望 .北京第二外国语学院学报 .2012 (6):60

(19) Han Jiying. 外语专业研究生科研能力发展现状分析及培养建议 .《大学英语教学与研究》 .2012 ,58 (3)

(20) yushulin. 对大学外语课堂环境的探索性研究 .《外语界》 .2012

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